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Problem since the last patch/es

Carrot Carl

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If I loot animals or enemy camp container, it comes the message that my inventory was full and I could take nothing more even though the max weight is not reached.

At the enemy camp containers I can take out a few items but not all. If I left the "region" and come back again (without drop items from my inventory), sometimes I can take the rest of the items but sometimes not all of them.

At the animals I get nothing except my arrows.

What is going on there?  Does anyone have a hint?

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Ok, thanks for the information.

I have just found that I can loot the items of the opponents, but these (especially weapons and ammunition) are then not in my inventory. Is that a well known bug?

In a "prison" I can not free the warriors, because the fence of the horse gate is partially spawned in the cell.

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