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  1. Ok, thanks for the information. I have just found that I can loot the items of the opponents, but these (especially weapons and ammunition) are then not in my inventory. Is that a well known bug? In a "prison" I can not free the warriors, because the fence of the horse gate is partially spawned in the cell.
  2. Hi, If I loot animals or enemy camp container, it comes the message that my inventory was full and I could take nothing more even though the max weight is not reached. At the enemy camp containers I can take out a few items but not all. If I left the "region" and come back again (without drop items from my inventory), sometimes I can take the rest of the items but sometimes not all of them. At the animals I get nothing except my arrows. What is going on there? Does anyone have a hint?
  3. In a camp (icon on map shows a kind of Ranch entrance), I loot "Supplies" (over 700 weight). What is the benefit of these "Supplies"?
  4. I got this quest. For the second part of the quest, I have to intimidate the leader of a camp without hurting other settlers. Unfortunately, I intimidate the whole camp before the quest was issued. how can I get to the 2000 sp.
  5. Hi, 1. if 10 enemys in a camp and I intimidate 5 of them, do the enemys refill when I leave the region for comimg back later? 2. if 10 enemys in a camp and I intimidate 5 of them, and then they noticed me ... can they get reinforcement to replenish? Sometimes I have the feeling that it is so.
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