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  1. You can`t move the map. You can only settle in the spot that you can see. I think its so you can`t pick a spot really far away from you too settle. Might make it a bit too easy. So you have too slowly work your way towards were you want too settle.
  2. Its a bug and they are working on it. Hopefully in the next patch.
  3. If you get a patrol they normally have loads of stuff on them. Well worth looting them.
  4. I have not died for quite a few days. I play exclusively stealth. It all about your playstyle. it does take patience. Yesterday, I cleared out a 40 man camp, every 1 intimidations, and it took about 3 hours.
  5. Not sure what the official answer is, but an issue that I was having , that was addressed by the patch has not worked on my game, so I`m going to start again.
  6. You can release warriors from forts. Also from time to time they will join from the outer lands(Based on Kharma) They will join other camps.
  7. Meat traps might be great early game, but when you get going and there are 10+ guys in a camp, the animals are just cannon fodder. Might be great as a distraction i guess, but not much else.
  8. Do you need healing items for you warriors? Do they use them if wounded. Do they use any of the crafted stuff themselves, other than weapons?
  9. Well then you should get the crafting skill bush hideout(500SP). It is great.
  10. So I got an enemy horse, and went too an outpost and quit/saved. When I logged back in the horse was gone. This is not the first time this has happened. So is it intended. I would guess so. Just looking for clarification?
  11. Not seen that 1 myself. I think later towns, then cities can pop up. It was mentioned that disrupting the supply routes can stop them turning to cities, so maybe related too that. Maybe they start as ranches, then expand.
  12. If you go to craft, then you can create an objective for the item you want too craft. Like stun arrows require stone. Best too find them near rocky areas or riverbanks. Create an objective and then they will show up as markers if you are near to them. This is a great way to learn what certain items look like, and eventually you will spot them without the need to create an objective, although it can be really helpful when your really looking for certain ones.
  13. Do any of your skills apply to the warriors? I know the chief skills do, but what about the combat skills?
  14. Sure all the warriors have weapons? They won`t do anything if they have nothing to fight with. If they do then I don`t know what else to suggest.
  15. There is an attack button, in the Camp inventory section. You can`t actually take them with you, but you can order attacks on selected enemy camps, and they will go attack them.
  16. Not bad. Moses +65HP +920SP +140 STA +5 warriors +30 WT Bit light on the Hp, but everything else is better.
  17. Well they are a great source of iron arrow heads for crafting.
  18. So is there a limit to amount of stuff you can store in camps? I`m just wondering if that is causing the lag issues. I have a lot of stuff stored, and also have every camp out collecting stuff. About 10 order in each camp.
  19. I have level 1 of all the gathering, and not got any parts other than the meat, sinew, and pelts.
  20. The whole map. Its all your land. What difficulty are you playing? Did you restart after the latest patch. It slowed it down on normal for sure. They still seem to expand far faster than I can keep up, but not as bad as before the patch. Last game they had 30-40% in about 5 hours. This time they are only at about 17% in same time.
  21. Does anyone know what skill is required too get the rare animal parts? Is it only from camps gathering them, or can you get them yourself, and which skill/level is needed to get them? I ask as i need the stag horn, for the bow, but I haven`t got any, and the camps cannot acquire it from the list.
  22. I was reading the tips on the loading screen, and read the tip about being knocked down, and it says there skill grows. Does that mean just the NPC`s that killed you, or do all NPC`s skill grow?
  23. Ok i`ll try that next time, thanks!
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