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Future Paid DLC/Historical Battles

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I have always wondered why there were no paid DLCs for this game, that would have added other historical battles to the game like: Wilson's Creek, Pea Ridge, Franklin and Nashville to name a few.

Can a Dev address this or does anybody have any insight into the reason for this ?

Is it possible we could see more historical battles at some point in the future ?

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This has been one of my favorite games in recent times.  If you’d add a few more battles and some more flexibility in the historical battles to setup units types, etc, it would be an instant pre-order for me.

Its a great game that has continual replay value for me.  Was just think of starting another legendary campaign and making YouTube videos.


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On 5/4/2019 at 1:42 PM, Nick Thomadis said:

We wanted to offer a Western Campaign for Ultimate General: Civil War, but our teams have full hands now with current projects. We cannot promise anything, but the will exists.

Western would be very interesting!

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