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  1. I have always wondered why there were no paid DLCs for this game, that would have added other historical battles to the game like: Wilson's Creek, Pea Ridge, Franklin and Nashville to name a few. Can a Dev address this or does anybody have any insight into the reason for this ? Is it possible we could see more historical battles at some point in the future ?
  2. Hi, new here. Wanted to start off by saying I loved Ultimate General: Civil War. One of my favorite games in recent times. It was like you guys brought the old hand drawn battle maps from the American Heritage History of the Civil War to life. So great. So now I'm thinking the next game will probably be a treatment of the Napoleonic Wars(personally, I was hoping for a game that would cover European wars from 1859-1871, but honestly Napoleon is just fine). Then, I stumble on this...Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail. Was not expecting that, but boy this is great !! I cannot wait ! But then, it gets even better. Today, I go to check on AoS and see UA: Age of Dreadnoughts....I'm dreaming right, I mean, no way...but yes way ! I love you guys, this is too awesome. A dream come true...just like UG:CW. All I can say is Thank you x a million !! Ya'll are the BEST ! Now, two questions: First: Will you be doing anymore UG games in the future ? If so, any chance one of them might cover European conflicts from 1859-1871 ? Second: Could a future UA game cover the Ironclad era 1850-90 or be an ACW naval game that included battles on rivers and in harbors ? Thanks, looking forward to your reply. Keep up the good work !!
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