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Entrance to Pacific?



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Take a look at this @Suppenkelle



also here's the full Captain Norfolk nCook guide to Navigation. Both PDFs available for a limited time only sorry





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6 hours ago, Norfolk nChance said:

Thx! I was secretly hoping for this guide :)  I’ll try the north first now, as I was heading N yesterday evening already. I have cannons aboard, however. You Never know, which kind of monsters you’ll have to face in the Pacific.

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47 minutes ago, Norfolk nChance said:




Please also download the main navigation guide while available.








Thanks for the offer! Actually I don‘t have any problems finding my ways on the map. :) I just had asked for a way into the Pacific, cause I had hoped there was a secret entrance somewhere in Panama, which I hadn’t discovered. But, alas, it is just sailing the long way around the edges. Quite a trip. But I will find the southwestern Edge of the world in the Pacific now. :))

cheers and thanks again for your support. 

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