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Dutch Fluyt/Fluit class (trading) ship

Wicked Mouse

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This (moderately) light armed (up to 14 guns?) ship was mainly used for hauling cargo. The fat belly design meant it could hold relatively much more cargo with to the amount of crew and had to pay less toll at the Denmark trading post.



Previously suggested by Wind.

German fluyt "Derfflinger"

By the end of the 17th century the fluyt Derfflinger belonged to the fleet of Kurfuerstentum Brandenburg. In the "triangle trade" of that time she transported rum and other stuff to Africa, to buy slaves, who were then exchanged in the West Indies for sugar, which was then brought to Europe. Later she and other Brandenburg ships were used in the War of the Spanish Succession.

The ship was named in honour of cavalry general Georg von Derfflinger, who 1675 won a Brandenburg victory in the battle of Fehrbellin against the Swedish. He is depicted on the stern of the ship. The flag at the stern shows the Kurbrandenburg red eagle with hat, scepter, sword and breast shield. Source



Pictures of the model of "Derfflinger".

Model of a Dutch fluyt "Zeehaen" (Gurnard; fish that was commonly found in the surrounding seas):




Model of another Dutch fluyt "Molen" (?), judging from the mill on the stern:



Dutch fluyts at ArteX blog:



"Heemskerk" & "Zeehaen", led by captain Abel Tasman further exploring of that's now known as Australia and New Zealand (other explorer of Australia was Willem de Vlamingh):




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Here is a much more modern version of a Dutch Flute, with royal sails (the small, 4th square sail at the top of the masts) and proper jib and spanker sails.



That's actually a different type of ship, but looks fairly similar because of the 'fat belly' design ;)

It's a "Galjoot" or galliot. Note that the poop deck isn't all that high, compared to a fluyt/flute. So this deserves its own thread maybe? ;)

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I can tell you from making 3D models for Pirates of the Burning Sea that this Galliot I posted would be really easy to make.  It has very little frills, and not even a stern (just wrap in the side and done).


The only frilly decorative thing on it would be that head on the top of the rudder, and even that appears to be a 2D profile instead of a proper 3D object.


I like the more modern version, but is she armed at all?


Gunports are easy to add.  Not a problem at all.

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