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just lost chickamauga because of time ( the yankee had no troops left what so ever) but i didn't have the time to take the last VP location.

funest consequences:

- 40 rep hit leaving me barely surviving with a 10 value and a -8 morale penalty

- the union got 120 000 troops reinforcements despite the facts we were fighting on the same basis ( 63k vs roughly the same value)

in every battles i won with a casuality rate 2-1 in my favor with many 3-1 and even some with better ratios

now the yankee have a 170 K army i was wondering if it's of any use to keep it going or should i reload?


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i'm playing on normal setting ( brigadier général i assume) and i have a 60k quality army

most brigades are 2 stars (two elites at 3 stars)

i have richmond and harper ferry for most of my guys ( already sold all the farmers and springfield)

artillery have 16 guns per battery ( 1 of 20 parrots a few of 10 parrots then the rest is using napoleons guns)

i have over 30 guns of napoleons and 10 inch ordonance in reserve

i have some cavalry equiped with various weapons


i'd like to keep it going but if it's because i lost that the union got so many reinforcements ( which i have no idea about)

then i'd rather reload

getting a third of the money and the men is already enough a penalty add the morale one it's going to be trickey.

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With 60k on normal you should be fine. I'm assuming the 170k you are referring to is the intelligence reported value which doesn't mean you'll actually face that many in the field. So you have multiple side battles and Cold Harbor to get those numbers back down a bit and get your army setup for Washington.

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i decided to give it a try and i was rewarded

the 3 missions before cold harbors give you lot of stuff and aren't hard to win since the union is using human waves pretty much everywhere

the last one saw me capturing 10 000 harper ferry rifles and 100 10 parrots guns

now i'm ready to enter this battle with even numbers ( union lost over 100 000 in the three battles)

this does make me feel good :)


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my joy didn't last long sadly

got obliterated from the map at cold harbor

i had a strong left and a weak right flank the ennemy launched human waves on the weak one and it was the end.

the ai is actually good at that i'm taking far more losses and not being so succesfull when i try to do the same.

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Hi Cosmique,

I would consider what Lava says, and try again.  He's good at this game.

During campaign battles leading up to Chickamauga, once you get a good feel for the battles and the game, start going for wipe-outs of the Federal army.  Once they start losing large numbers of troops and equipment during wipe-outs, the Federal forces start having difficulty in putting large forces back into the field in time for the next one or two battles.  Even during the last Washington battle, there are opportunities each day to wipe out large portions of the Federal army by conserving your infantry by means of building up the numbers of large guns - I usually attempt to have 700-800 cannon by the time Washington starts, as a primarily infantry Southern army gets burned out pretty fast during that 2-day slug-fest.

Upon thinking about the battles I have played as CSA on UG, the ones where I was fortunate enough to wipe out the Yank army, were the following:

1. Shiloh - almost every time

2. Antietam/Sharpsburg

3. Gettysburg - 1st day

4. Stones River

5. Cold Harbor

6. Washington - 1st day

The successes were very dependent upon building the Southern army up to even or larger than the Northern one.

Philosophy and style are conservative until I get the upper hand, and then I seem to go into a sort of blitzkrieg mode.  Like Forrest said - "put a skeer into 'em."  Once they startmoving backward, don't let up and use the game boundaries and surround them.

For 1st Manassas I usually annihilate half their army.

For 2nd Manassas I generally come close to wiping them out, but not quite.


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