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Battle Rating what is it...?

Norfolk nChance


Quick question: What is Battle Rating in its current format...?


Is the wiki correct in numbers?


What does it effect in game? PBs, 1v1, etc.?

What doesn’t it effect?

What are the current flaws with it and how @admin change will effect it for the better?

@admin quote...

Major BR rebalance

We are gradually moving away from the static BR based on HP and DPS characteristics and will also consider several other factors including battle performance data. 

How it will work

Ships with much lower performance statistics will have lower BR even if they are a higher class vessel. For example 2nd rate pavel having a much worse battle performance than 3rd rate Bellona will have a lower BR than Bellona. 

The changes will be applied gradually as full performance based BR is currently impossible as it will break old mission system. Once new mission system is added in September we will let battle performance influence the ship BR slightly more.

This will mostly affect the port battles and will require captains to recalculate their battle plans for future conquests.


Oh nearly forgot: How does BR differ from Tier rating of ships?


Thanks guys for the help


Norfolk nChance [ELITE]


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55 minutes ago, Norfolk nChance said:

Quick question: What is Battle Rating in its current format...?

A number that allows you to join or not to join pbs. Furthermore BR allows you to tag ships. If your BR is less than 4 times the ship you want to attack then the attack will fail.


What are the current flaws with it and how

The current flaws are in my opinion that BR does not reflect the mods used. So a ship with no mods has the same BR as a ship with All elite mods. The new BR system will try to take those both extrema into account by taking the average of both performances due to log files of the Kill death ratio into account. So a 1vs1 in same ships still wont be fair (even BR says it) but matches between different ships with same BR might be more fair.

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Battle rating provides the depiction of the ship battle capability. But it is somewhat outdated as it is not fluid and does not properly account for many other factors influencing the battle result. We have not yet defined the solution for its replacement, but for example battle rating can easily be replaced by just points, like 1st rate 10 points, 2nd rate 5 points, etc.. 

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