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Since mission progression changed a lot and no one posted something about it, I think that new players can feel a bit lost in their progression.

I'm not much involved in PVE missions, but I was wondering if someone that knows the matter could write a short list of the missions, highliting:

- level of missions (which - in the new system - is just the rank of the captain)

- AI ships usually met in the mission

- suggested ship to use

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Thanks, but unfortunately that post is of 2016 and than deals with the old mission system: now - as I was told by a mate - everithing is more difficult because i.e. you shall enter into rank 5 missions with a level 6 ship (while before you could use lvl 5 ships) and also spawns have changed a lot.

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Sorry, @victor I have missed the point.

Sucking Eggs… The new system...Works from Rank Mission Title to start not your actual rank. This is the GB Rank to max rated ship you can use. You cannot enter a 5th rated mission in anything higher than a Indef.



7th Rate


7th Rate

Second Lieutenant(GB)

6th Rate

First Lieutenant(GB)

6th Rate

Lieutenant Commander(GB)

6th Rate

Master & Commander(GB)

5th Rate

Post Captain(GB)

4th Rate

Flag Captain(GB)

3rd Rate


2nd Rate

Rear Admiral(GB)

1st Rate


So, at Master & Commander you can use Frigates and below. At M&C enemy AI will be Surprise, or a Cebrus plus Navy Brig. Have yet to see anything stronger. However, I would say they the AI are definitely more tanked.

They also will try to under turn or even reverse which they couldn’t do before. If equal crew the AI will try to board at any level. They the AI carry twice the number of marines a PC could have.

Sorry I’ve missed your point, imo the missions harder? The AI is better, but not stronger ships. Probably for the first couple of ranks for a beginner maybe. But haven’t tested in a long time…




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I recently did missions from Midshipman to Lt. Commander the following is what spawned using the starter cutter:

Midshipman - 1 Rookie Brig.  Payout about 27k time about 10-15 minutes no repairs needed during battle.
Ensign - 1 rookie Snow.  Payout about 27k time about 30-45 minutes had to run and repair
2nd Lt. - 2 rookie Brigs.  Payout about 54k time about 45-60 minutes had to run and repair
1st Lt. - 1 Snow.  I lost
Lt. Commander - 1 Renommee. I lost


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