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+ resistance means increased durability and less chance of crew, fire, etc. dmg

- resistance means decreased durability and a higher chance of the above

Btw fir to have high crew dmg makes little sense in the real life sense. Teak used to be the crew killer and that was very much so correct. As a hard wood with no afterwards flexibility or inner softness once finally penned it would splinter like crazy. LO would have an inner game that allows a little bending meaning the shrapnel would be 'softer' and less of it would exist in the first place. Fir as a soft shrapnel in the first place would similarly to LO create much less crew dmg then teak in real life. Teaks advantage in real life is the inner oils that help secure against rot - especially on ships or whirlpools quite the catch. Cedar should realistically have a high fire chance. Can't really talk about Sabicu or Caguarian as I have never used em when building stuff.

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