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  1. Thanks. After I studied the system for a bit, I had come to the conclusion it may have been for the officer, but the price seemed excessive. The brigade is commanded by a colonel. Not sure if the fact he has high experience would account for that... But I'm not sure I didn't do it by getting experienced troops. I had the money at the time, so I may not have switched back after reinforcing one of my experienced units. So, probably operator error.
  2. New to the game, so I'm not sure if this is normal or if my Quartermaster is cheating me... I picked up a considerable number of Sharps carbines during the fight for the railway station. I thought, since my 1 Division was just a couple of infantry brigades I might want to diversify so I decided to add a horse unit and some dedicated skirmishers to basically defend an gun battery. 150 men for the skirmishers, 150 weapons; I have 244 Sharps in the Armory. I select the weapon it says cost $0, I press "Accept" go back to the number of men screen and it says $5157 cost. Can someone tell me why I can't use the ones in the Armory? Or do I have to pay for those as well?
  3. 1. Accurate prevailing wind directions for bot OW and Combat. The wind "clock" really is an immersion breaker since I know how the wind patterns actually are in the Caribbean. Of course players will then complain it isn't "balanced". 2. Heel seems to be a bit much in all the square riggers I've used in game. In addition, while the inability to depress guns far enough to compensate for the windward side is realistic, the ability to elevate the guns enough to compensate on the lee side no matter how far over you're heeled is more than was actually possible. 3. Leeway seems a little too high on most of the square-rigged ships I've used. Everyone of them end up backing sails while tacking and that just isn't the way they work when properly trimmed and handled. Using manual sails correctly during a tack does nothing to alleviate the issue, and done correctly, it should. As an aside to this, some of the ships seem to turn faster when backing sails than they do moving forward... odd sort of thing. Also, if we need to make rudder corrections to sail in a straight line, how about putting in incremental rudder control so I can adjust my heading for leeway without having to keep pushing the helm over every few seconds -- you know, like it is in RL. 4. I'm not sure if the poor handling I've seen since the last changes are due to the Turn Rates, or the Turn Acceleration Rates. The Indefatigable, which has been my main 5th Rate since the wipe, Wears around well if the turn is long enough to get up to turn speed. For anything less than about 120 degrees, however, it feels like it's wallowing. Still, I've been able to dance around Constitutions with it, so I think the Connie may need to be revisited as well. 5. Ship differences are easier to assess than the curves and they are adequate for the most part. The Surprise is quicker than the Indef (and mine is made of woods giving some speed and acceleration bonuses). Turns better and seems to sail better a bit closer to the wind than it's big cousin. On the other hand the Mercury, which was quite sweet in most respects until the last change, has become a barge. It's reputation IRL was built on being able to survive against multiple opponents and much of that came from is sailing capabilities. I guess the differences are about what I would expect, but there are some that seem a bit off. 6. I think I cover this in 3 above. The first thing I thought of that caused issues with this was the leeway, but the physics changes probably helped. 7. As I said in number 4, turning seems to work okay while wearing around, once I get the ships up to speed. There may also be a bit too much drag causing the rate to go down more than I would have expected. Thanks for the opportunity to give some feed back on the sailing models. For the most part I feel leeway was needed but a little over done; the physics changes have drastically changed the handling on some of the ships, but not so much on others and the larger the ship (except for the Mercury) the more the handling seems to drop... although I would expect that.
  4. I doubt it. Now the spam will be about killing the PvE server: The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  5. Because historical references and realism are too hard for PvP...? Kidding aside, there are a lot of inaccuracies on some of the ships (the whole concept of CvC (what used to be called RvR) compared to the historical versions. But mostly it's minor enough not to matter -- other things, not so much.
  6. I agree. Rewards have increased and CM costs have decreased. It seems that actually sailing in the OW and doing things is now called "grinding." It used to be called "playing the game" and leveling up a character. I understand, crafting isn't for everybody. So don't do it and buy your ships from someone who does enjoy it. Issue solved. I believe, in the long run, the economic changes are not going to work out very well. Taxes are going to raise the cost of ships considerably as prices increase to maintain profit margines.
  7. Here you go George. All very much NA related; by some of the better players. Perhaps you do not learn well from other people, but I have not found that true of most new players. Naval Action Guides - YouTube Naval Action Tutorial 1: Ship anatomy - YouTube Naval Action ultra Quick Start Guide - YouTube Perhaps, if you wait until the game is in a more finished form, where the patches are no longeer changing game play, such developer made tools will be available. Until then, these seem to help, although not completely.
  8. Apparently, George, that isn't working very well. There are plenty of "how to" videos on YouTube for NA, but still there are people who don't know where to go or what to do. The game is complex and sometimes you just need to take the time to encourage people when the learning curve is as steep as this one. And you are wrong: you can teach people. But you have to want to.
  9. @George WashingtonWhat is the point of tutorials and manuals when the game changes faster than you could edit them? Yes, it's a tough learning curve, but if you want new players to be prepared faster... TEACH THEM. You are the tutorial for your clan, nation, or what ever. That is one of the advantages to the PvE server; the players would rather help and teach instead of crush and shit talk.
  10. Nice video, if a relatively monotonous narrator, but has nothing to do with what I said. See big animated map posted by Duke. That's what I am talking about wanting. And ships are slowed by load in the OW as well as in combat instance from what I've seen. Although that is a subjective and unmeasured impression. While this isn't about combat: I had no problem fighting is rough seas. It's just that most people want this game OW and BI to be too easy. Weather and trade winds would give it more a realistic feel.
  11. How about we just get more realistic weather modeling?
  12. Not a likely change. Trade ships were slowed by the load they carried because PvPers complained they couldn't catch them. Improving your chance to get away would just start that complaint up again.
  13. Challenge


    I agree with you, but other are arguing the opposite in-game. So I'm searching for a definitive answer.
  14. Challenge


    ON the tables there is a row labeled Fire Resistance, Crew Resistance, etc. Does a + in these areas indicate more difficulty to catch fire or damage or a higher resistance to damage?
  15. Yes. This post was much more understandable. Thank you.
  16. I would like a dev response to this. Neutrality means the nation/region is not an enemy to any of the belligerents. As such they can freely trade with them. Yet in the game, apparently neutrals can't freely do so -- or the belligerents can't -- which makes no sense. Warships of factions are even allowed to enter ports for repairs, resupply, and medical attention for crew (as provided by international law) -- but here you can't even have someone put goods up for sale using a Shop Order. Is this a bug, an oversight when you made the Neutral ports, or a feature?
  17. Armed trade ships are a good idea. There are some things not taken into consideration that I think should be. For example, while the guns take up weight, the gun deck, which on a trader is used for cargo space, should be deducted from the number of cargo slots as well. Cannon, shot and powder don't just have weight they have volume. Being able to put partial (or even mixed) cannon load outs was a reality during the age of sail and wasn't necessarily done by the deck. I'm pretty sure the limits of the DB would exclude mix and match, but it should allow partial load outs. It would both help with expense of outfitting a ship, gives more choice to the player (rarely a bad thing), and teach the value of not going around under gunned. You can give the player the ability to use a partial load out, but that doesn't mean the AI would get the option to do that. Since all AI trade ships seem to have a full load out, I think it safe to speculate that it's always on. As such I don't see this as being of major concern. AI only does what it's programed to do. @Captain corn blower Please, could you use punctuation. You make some good points, but it's so damn hard to read your comments sometimes.
  18. Well, yeah... But that was the British... ;-)
  19. Drake sacked it in 1586 Henry Morgan had a go at it in 1668 with 460 men in 9 ships -- gaining about 100,000 pounds. In 1697 the Baron de Pointis with 2000 French Soldiers and about 1000 French buccaneers under Jean Baptiste du Casse took Cartagena with little resistance. Three of the massive forts surrendered or were abandoned by the Spanish. They were undermanned and under gunned because the Spanish believed the very threat of the forts would stop any planned incursion. The Spanish were loosing their hold on the Spanish Main for a very long time.
  20. As opposed to Pirates with National Alts doing the same? I don't do alts so I don't think of them very much. I would love to see them banned, but there is no way to really enforce such a thing. Pirates have them and are accused of using their National Alts to gain advantages not usually allowed Pirates. Are you complaining when it happens in reverse? Makes sense to me, I guess.
  21. Challenge


    @TomiketI agree, mast repairs should take much longer (it could be done in a few days if you find a suitable location to work) if not at all while in battle. Patching or replacing sails should take more time than it does, but could be done during a battle. My question though, is why you think the Renommee would be slowed enough for you to escape with less than 10% damage to the sails. The number shown is what is left, not the damage you've done. At 10% damage the Ren is still quite a bit faster than a T-Brig. According to the Wiki, a T-Brig has a max speed of about 12knt, the Renommee a max of 13.6 - 10% you still have around 12.25. You would need at least 12% or so sail damage to slow it down to the max of a T-Brig. Making matters worse is that both have the same best point of sail. However, the drop of in speed of the Renommee is much quicker once it gets off the best point while the T-brig retains sped better. So next time, get about 15% damage and shift your point of sail a bit. But, yeah. Repairs are too quick in the battle instance.
  22. You seem a bit put out by the fact that pirates, both individual and those of other pirate clans, may decide that other pirates are as much fair game as the Nations' ships in OW. Since this is allowed by the RoE, I'm pretty sure that it is all within the rules. It would seem your complaint about creating discord and frustration is exactly what an insurrectionist is supposed to do. The pirate who was hitting other pirates as they were preparing for a port battle may be acting as a screener for the current owner of the port. So are you against Pirates hiring themselves out as mercenaries, or it is it only when they go against other Pirates you find it objectionable? So once engaged, the targets are drawn into range of the towers where the instigator runs and lets the towers do his dirty work. Sounds like a tactically sound plan to me: Why were the targets drawn toward the towers in the first place? Were they unaware of the danger, or did they just forget it in the effort to kill the insurrectionist? Nothing personal, but I think most of the Pirates have a 12 year old maturity level anyway... ;-). (Not all, but most.) I think it was the desired effect, yes.
  23. I didn't say it wasn't good sport. I said it was poor sportsmanship. And if you think it is there is something sideways in your philosophy. :-}
  24. How many times do you tag someone before you realize you're being out sailed and just stop. He escaped; you were bested, but what? You have to keep hitting them agai and again until they can't run anymore ? That's just poor sportsmanship.
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