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[RvR] Conquest mark pension of regions [Patch 10.1]

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Following up on Patch 10.1 and the significance change of regions:

For the RvR and PvE folks driving up the heat. To even the odds, here is what they are actually worth according to the API:

Morgans Bluff | ConquestMarksPension: 2 | Location: Bahamas | PortBattleType : Shallow

Sant Iago | ConquestMarksPension: 3 | Location: East Cuba | PortBattleType : Lineship

Port-au-Prince | ConquestMarksPension: 3 | Location: Hispaniola | PortBattleType : 4th Rate
Santo Domingo | ConquestMarksPension: 3 | Location: Hispaniola | PortBattleType : Lineship

San Juan | ConquestMarksPension: 3 | Location: Puerto Rico | PortBattleType : Lineship

Road Town | ConquestMarksPension: 2 | Location: Upper Antilles | PortBattleType : Lineship

Bridgetown | ConquestMarksPension: 3 | Location: Lower Antilles | PortBattleType : 4th Rate

Cartagena de Indias | ConquestMarksPension: 3 | Location: South America | PortBattleType : Lineship

Campeche | ConquestMarksPension: 2 | Location: Yucatan | PortBattleType : Lineship

Vera Cruz | ConquestMarksPension: 2 | Location: Gulf | PortBattleType : Lineship
Nouvelle-Orléans | ConquestMarksPension: 2 | Location: Gulf | PortBattleType : Lineship

Every region not listed has a conquest mark pension with the value 1

(State as of Patch 10.1)

Edited by Black Spawn
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4 minutes ago, Ixal said:

So except for 3 ports you can only get the resources required to build lineships when you win battles with lineships.


Right, no problem with that at all....

You will get Conquest Marks from the other ports, just not quite as much. So just consider those ports more valuable, since they are more contested than others.

9 minutes ago, Black Spawn said:

Every region not listed has a conquest mark pension with the value 1

Edited by Black Spawn
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