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Announcing the new Naval Action Wiki!

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WARNING! due to recent issues with spam account creation will be disabled for a while on the wiki untill i can resolve the issue, please if you need an account create one before 6pm CEST as after that it will no longer be possible to create an account, also be sure to not make any new pages or create a user page to decrease the amount of chance that i accidentally mistake you for spam! You can go ahead and make new pages after tomorrow.


-Thank you all for understanding, Olav.

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I signed up on the new and the old wiki and have reviewed the Ships page. I was able to get the ship tables to  be sortable on the old wiki but NOT on the new wiki.

As I understand it, making wiki tables sortable requires javascript and there's a javascript component, (javascript.js or some such) that needs to be incorporated in the base wiki if it's to work.  Hopefully, that info helps.

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