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  1. This is where i looked after Bart Smith reply as usually alpha's/beta's in steam are listed there, but saw nothing available for me, simply thinking it was due to the delay announced in the initial post so not worried about not seeing any test available. Now the question is : is this key private and nominative or the same for all testers , if it is not private then is it safe to post it here ( or to use it myself without having received it ) , if it's private and nominative can i get one ?
  2. Never tried testbed before ,this was introduced when i was on long break, all good if no key is needed then. Thanks.
  3. Is it possible to get a key please ? might be more interesting there than on current game that i barely touched last days. Thanks.
  4. It ain't about one ship being better for pvp and the other for pve or support, not that it matters since pirate frigate is better in absolutely all domains anyways, including PVE, frigate due to his superior maneuverability is a lot more efficient in pve too, you deal with your targets faster and easier than with the essex, it ain't about the possibility for Nationals to also have the BP & permit, and thanks for confirming that this isn't a problem, either for pirates or Nationals, just another masquerade from the Dev's so no need to bring this point when you speak about pirates disadvanta
  5. Don't have much time to type and enter in details but LH's are not anymore a thing with how easy it is now to generate 10x Labor contacts of 500hours each in game... and either make millions selling those to who don't know or craft dozen of ships one after the other when it comes to clans able to grind numerous combat marks ... LH's lost the entire purpose they had before when they made the creation of LC's that easy and cheap ...
  6. Pirates since day one were advantaged in game, yes your ships used to sail faster, not anymore indeed, yes you still have a dedicated ship completely outclassing what the Nationals have as equivalent at them disposal, in terms of performances of BR and xp knowledge needed compared to what comes the closest an Essex completely nerfed and getting a stupid BR and XP requirement for slots while butchered by the Dev's to not be able to tack against the wind , yes you are the single faction in game able to grow up when crushing a Nation, Nationals leaving go for the most part to pirates no matter w
  7. Of course it will, what do you expect from this ? Traders not escorted, either lone players, or some with smaller players escorts or larger clans who will after a bit get bored to death escorting dedicated traders members to in the end just play the scarecrow as most players in groups won't bother to attack a similar force group, they use them group to attack only if they are assured of a victory at the end, they can be in slightly better hips and superior numbers but they won't risk it if there is a single chance to loose ... only attacking when it's a guaranteed win... not like this hav
  8. It might no please you but it is totally on subject : Do we continue with the stupidity of having pirates acting exactly as any other Nation able to do conquests while profiting of extra advantages the other Nations don't have, even now having the special privilege of getting a fleet totally immune versus enemies in front of a port since no one can reach them in a outlaw battle or they can do the outlaw a few minutes just before a server restart and hide for hours there until they decide to all log into the game at the same time many hours later, one of the many advantages they always rec
  9. . Edit : typed and sent before seeing last proposed changes a few posts above Since there is entire high levels alt clans working for obscure forces under other Nations flags i don't see how you can prevent anything... It's well know and seen regularly with the biggest more populated Nations in game... One of the reasons we keep hearing things like Brits are the most populated Nation in game, but then take out all the more or less small clans being there just to work for other factions in the shadows, providing resources, ships, intel + all individuals eco alts or spies being there for
  10. Helping new players is just an excuse to flip the tables and do something esle to try stop the hemoragy of players leaving before the patient is out of blood, those players having no more hopes in this company and the constant things done and undone a bit later, but nothing new in the end, this last proposition will turn into another mess and be undone like all the rest or will just put the last nail on the coffin... it won't fix Nations balance as exposed to be a problem in game, will just make players switch for clans instead of Nations, and make it a hell for traders, solo players or small
  11. We used to have this before, you had the info displayed once you had visited at least once the port : Easy to add what productions possible are done there too ... Was a good thing and favoring a bit the exploration, not sure why they removed it... another good feature changed ... This said i am not in favor of getting those infos displayed in game if you never have visited the port at least once, like it was before was nice
  12. Will you invest a lot in let's say production buildings in areas that will regularly change of owner with taxes going up and down depending who owns them ( and yet we don't even know if the owner have a cooldown to change the tax itself or if he can set a different taxes rating each 2 days ) ? No stability at all for the possible owners and the areas themselves since they refuse to put a long cooldown either on flags raising or a cooldown for the possibility to switch a city once it have fall to one faction, like if a flag is raised against a city and the defenders win the PB the attacking fac
  13. Make already weak Nations pay ton of taxes on basic products to make it even more painful for them... making player switch Nations again or leave the game bored by this i guess...
  14. I would consider turning pirate if they simply limited crew to 500-600 max, able to capture ships but not able to crew fully SOL's and give proper raiding mechanics instead of conquests, causing troubles in some areas, stopping all production buildings and trader NPC deliveries for a few weeks, NPC shops not having resources renewed and buildings locked during this delay, and maybe also able to be hired by some Nations for a certain time to cause troubles on them enemies supply lines by raiding them and stopping them production lines, this will be something very interesting from my point of vi
  15. I have one, had no special desire to get one at start, don't particularly love the look or color it have, loved to sail my Essex before, then they turned it into a complete over ranked piece of crap that it is now, more generally love the ships i can equip in full 12pd's so i tried to get a pirate frigate to see and it outclass totally the Essex in all domains and get way lower Br and way lower requirements for slots ... Maybe the day the Dev's will stop to give extra advantages to pirates for the shake of doing it and the day they will stop treating unfairly or nerf some other ships for
  16. Went to PVE server where i have an unused French character from the start of the OW, went to see if this Island was still bad as it used to be ... E side of the Island, BrigeTown in background, map boundaries, full speed but stopped by an invisible wall: St Jospeh in the background, no sallows warning, full speed and stuck dead in the water : Bridgetown on background, E side Map boundaries: Corner E of St Joseph, map boundaries, stuck there : The area invisible stuck/shallow around St Jospeh coming from the East is larger than what can
  17. Did not sailed there since a while but unless it have changed and i really doubt it have since, this used to be a very problematic area if you tried to do the turn of the island by the E, there is a single little tiny corridor on the E side of the island and then you hit the border of the map and most of the area and up to St Joseph is full of kind a masked shallows that are part of the map boundaries. Back in the days the British did not had a limited map boundaries... Pardon my words but Bridgetown is the shittiest place possible for a capital in the entire map, there is no city more clo
  18. Yeah ... you open the Pandora's box here with this, good luck trying to get this under control and then close it ... Plus you push all Nations capitals at corners of the map ( Bridgetown possible for Brit capital ? Really ? hell no ) and then make the center of the map a mess with all cities capturable, able to be turned into free towns and on top of this put all essential resources there where traders will be forced to go and be easy hunted either in the area itself or in them way back to a corner of the map where they have to pass in narrowed areas full of hunters, and the essential
  19. Need a tax changing cooldown to not have taxes change each 2 days and make investments done in a port a loss. Allowing to turn any port into free town is a very bad idea, entire rogue clans working for other factions will be able to capture and set a zone full of free towns around strategic areas... this needs to go seriously... Will lead to a giant mess quick enough... Free towns always caused problems and had been better if gone once and for all many patches ago, now you will have more of them , enjoy ... Instead remove smuggler flag, and allow owning war companies to deliver trade
  20. From current ones probably not no, but then any alt will be able to select the PVE side when making a character on the server so ...
  21. What have PVE server to do in this ? note that they could incorporate them in a single server and just make them totally neutral while they are at this, able to attack AI , closed battles where players can not enter, and not able to be attacked in OW, might be more interesting for them to play the eco game at larger scale, but then comes uses and abuses possible for spying and such ... Used to be there before, went to global for the no limits on the timers and with flags coming back and timers set by port owners it will be the same as before, no reasons to not merge, fact is that e
  22. And i forgot: merge the servers, this will be useless in global server with the current population there.
  23. Not really sure what to think of all this yet. Nations becoming useless and instead of having pops moving from one nation to a dominant Nation you will have now players moving from one clan to the bigger ones. What about pirates ? will they finally be the hardcore mode they were supposed to be or not ? Will they still be a regular Nation like others able to control regions and put taxes? Or will they have a limited number of crew not allowing them to fully man the bigger ships? Like 500-600 crew max if you are a pirate ( one free option is that they will have the fleet perk for one s
  24. I sent you the PM with the non edited chat picture so you can check for the other player who said it was missing on chat. And yeah i wasn't sure but thanks for checking, 9 days had been ok if it was 14 days and not a week, will still try to login there regularly and see if it works. Thanks a lot for checking .
  25. Thanks for the answer Ink, i logged in a few times but maybe missed the one week delay, i can't say for sure when was the last time i logged there so i was maybe a bit late to the party. This said when asking in the Nation chat some had the same issues while playing there every day and having the correct captain level : I can send you the original picture by PM so you can check with the name if normal or not in case it is needed. I will try to login there once in a while and see if they get another mark next week if i get something or not . Thank you.
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