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Map with ports controlled by nation


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Thank you all folks for the support.


Recluse and myself have in fact talk about integrating his map into mine (or the other way around). However, his map is based on the in-game map and for me to easily integrate it with mapbox engine it needs to be georeferenced. I have done it, and the result is not as nice as I would like it to. Afterall I am a GIS aficionado and not as experienced as Domox (he also uses Mapbox but I believe he made his map from scratch), so I am sure it should be possible to do it perfectly with a bit more experience.


For those curious, here is the result after georeferencing (only the map layer is shown): http://naval-action.byethost7.com/recluse/


You can really appreciate the distortion when zoomed all the way out.


By the way, it is not being maintained, so please do not use it and keep relying on Recluse's map.

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I don't think your intergration of Recluse's map looks bad at all, to be honest. But maybe I am not sensitive enough to the distortion you mentioned, because I don't notice it at all?


One thing I do notice: the coastlines seem to better match what is actually in-game, as opposed to the realworld map used for your other project. Not a really big deal either way, but it is nice.


And it looks beautiful, if you want my opinion. If it's not too much trouble to enable your other layers, maybe others could chime in, too? It's really not bad at all.

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Greetings, I have been away for some time.


Sorry for the server downtimes. I am having some issues from time to time (mostly due to swap usage, guess 2 GB or RAM isn't enough).


Anyways, I am scheduling restarts every week so it never happens again.


Thank you.

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Server has been taken down for maintenance/fixes. Current ETA is "I have no clue" as I might have to reinstall all OS.


I hope it will be back before Monday.


For UNIX people: Big cheers for yum that screwed all my apache modules and .conf files.  :angry:

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