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  1. Can we please write comments on the map? As in Ultima Underworld games.
  2. Also privateer can go after shipping, which officers could not without orders to hassle trade. Also privateer gets a better prize share. I think it would matter if you lose, even as an officer, because you will never get any better ships or promotion.
  3. Everyone who wants in just request access here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tMZZcicpQ4APrlv9RrTLJqeKHtakdgKnpMDGsJratVs/edit#gid=0 I will okay everyone - all changes are audited so if anyone breaks it on purpose we can block them.
  4. The later you join a battle the further away from the other ships you should spawn.
  5. This is the latest version: http://i.imgur.com/DQCIRRa.png
  6. In principle this is a good idea, but how would it work in practice? Also, You know that you can review all revisions by going to FILE > SEE REVISION HISTORY Maybe there is already enough data there for you to analyse.
  7. Yeh. I think the trading will likely be changed otherwise it won't be very fun - if you want to go here and add some support to raising minimum prices the devs may notice : http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/6103-suggestions-for-improving-trading/
  8. sure anyone can! Just request permission to access: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tMZZcicpQ4APrlv9RrTLJqeKHtakdgKnpMDGsJratVs
  9. It's looking a lot better thanks to ampaholic for that - I've made it neat again now, but it's divided by nation and it now has coordinates!
  10. Sure - request access here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tMZZcicpQ4APrlv9RrTLJqeKHtakdgKnpMDGsJratVs/edit?userstoinvite=paraclete.ftw@gmail.com&actionButton=1#gid=0
  11. Please request access to this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tMZZcicpQ4APrlv9RrTLJqeKHtakdgKnpMDGsJratVs/edit#gid=0
  12. Okay so I'm going to make this private shortly - anyone who wants in can message me here or PM me.
  13. This collaborative prices spreadsheet will shortly be taken offline. The new one will be hosted on a private Googlesheets documents. If you want access then you have to PM me or add to the bottom of this thread. To get access all you have to do is agree to update the prices from time to time (not just use it to take information and never update). If anyone wants to thing of a formal name for the org that is fine too.
  14. Love the open world! etc For what it is worth here is my opinion on how to improve trading: 1) There should be MUCH less of a discrepancy between buy and sell prices, at present there is no way to really make much profit. 2) When you capture trading ships you should be able to capture their cargo. 3) Introduce a mechanic where on capturing ships, esp. merchant ships, you sometimes receive a "Traders Price List" showing exceptional good deals - similar to the "Ships Report Letter" you sometimes get nowadays. 4) Introduce more trading items (I guess you plan to do this anyway). We need MOLASSES! 5) Introduce items which spoil/go bad - over long crossings
  15. As has been noted, the trading system is not yet very polished so much of the below will be more for future patch versions than the current version. To summarize the two main positions above: 1) A trading spreadsheet will ruin gameplay because everyone will have instant access to the figures online. 2) A trading spreadsheet is useless because the figures will be out of date (so therefore won't/can't ruin gameplay). I think the middle position is probably true: that the list will be of some use, but not a definitive up to the second commodities list. Information decay, which historically happened as a result of the long passage of time between departure and arrival of ships, will to some extent result from the variation in trade prices due to supply and demand. The information will never be bang up-to-date, it will always be subject to market pressures a. since the information was uploaded and b. during the trading voyage which seeks to profit from the information. Even in Nelson's time and earlier people make money in this way: speculating on the trading of information. If the above market protection is not sufficient (i.e. it is easily possible to 'cheat' the system and farm tremendous wealth) then I think it should be for the devs (rather than the community) to either a. prohibit the practice of trading groups and/or b. make prices so liquid as to prevent their usefulness. I've also has some requests for private sharing of the list. I think this is potentially more exploitative because it makes access to the list a. restricted and b. secret. My compromise proposal is to start a merchant navy org where members can share information. Anyone can join, but members who do not contribute (they just take from the list, but don't update prices) will be banned. Any interest in this? TLDR: let's start a merchant navy org! Edit: just while the list is under discussion = here is the public link.
  16. I would have thought that most people were able to exercise enough self restraint such that, if they feel a price list would ruin their game immersion, they could resist finding and looking at one. Also, I had thought of this more as a community project to add immersion by creating human interaction and teamwork. However, you may be right. so I've removed the link. If anyone is interested they can PM me.
  17. I started working on a price sheet today, comparing commodities in different ports. Anyone interested in maintaining this with me, adding to it? Message or PM me for edit rights if interested.
  18. I think so - got a screenshot of a battle with one recently - is it wrong?
  19. Great thank you will change it on the next revision
  20. Yeh I know.. but it's hard to make the sheet look neat if I put it in the left column or in the frigate section. Xebecs can be either F&A or square so I figured it could stay there for now at least but I think she will end up going into frigates as you say. Maybe I will make a section just for the Xebec in the next version.
  21. Thanks for point it out - do you have a source on that?
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