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  1. Just crashed twice today
  2. Rowede

    i keep crashing

    it's fixed no more crashes only freezes sometimes for a sec
  3. Rowede

    i keep crashing

    3 battles in my basic lynx as equaled a crash (and i have not done a bug report will do one soon) and me dead
  4. Next big patch or the one after that it will come out
  5. about 2 games ago i was in a battle no one had died it was the storm map and i had 2 broadsides to my ship then it said game over and it exit me and no damage report card came up
  6. Master and commander or tora tora tora
  7. After every match I can't talk in chat if I click pvp it says there are no one in there and It says there are no one playing. Does any know how to fix it?
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