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  1. What most people tend to forget: a premium top frigate doesen't have enough crew kf you hust started the game You can't reduce the "grind", you just will be able to get a special ship that can be outperformed by player made mastercraft ships Also if I remember correctly admin stated several times that premium ships would be expensive to mantain/repair, therefore you wouldn't sail them everytime This way i don't see anything wrong with premiums
  2. I would like to see a new SoL or a new top frigate as alternative to constitution and trincomalee
  3. +1 for nation flag in open world So you can see nation of the ships without clicking on them
  4. You can delete contratcs from distant pprts, but you can't redeem them If you sailed 4h to a pprt to buy some resources and want to put a buy contract, if you have no co tracts left this is the only option for you
  5. It is now on the shop for selling If someone buysit fromtbe shop you will be notified, and once you sold them all redeem the contract and you'll get the gold. If you want to sell istantly you should search the item on the shop and press sell
  6. If you press on "buying" or something like that on the creating contract window (mayve as contract type? Don't semember exactely) you can choose if you want to create a buyinng or selling contract
  7. Sorra, wasn't aware of this It's clearly fine as it is then!
  8. I don't really undestand your point maturin I created already a few selling contracts that were fulfilled (so i actually sold my goods) Never tried "buy" contract though
  9. Agreed on that Deleting contract isn'supposed to delet also the items it contains At least an alarm/msg clearly stating that every item included in contract will be elimimated shold appear!
  10. I don't undestand what you are trying to say... edit: post wasn't finished
  11. Ok bin jetzt auch ingame bei Schweden, unter dem name Marx van Vogel
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