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  1. I would like to see a new SoL or a new top frigate as alternative to constitution and trincomalee
  2. I don't undestand what you are trying to say... edit: post wasn't finished
  3. Ok bin jetzt auch ingame bei Schweden, unter dem name Marx van Vogel
  4. What, really?! Can someone comfirm?! Havr to choose a name for my char xD
  5. Like the little kids in the back of the car Daddyyyy.. are we there yet??? How long till we get theeeere?
  6. If I undestand correct, Headstart will begin 18pm Kiev Time, therefore (if they don't encounter any troubles), server will be up at 5pm CET and you will probably have to download a small patch
  7. Guten abend die herren so wie's aussieht möchte ich mich, nach einladung von furyGer, bei HRE bewerben. Ich besitze das spiel seit den SeaTrials (kam bis zu Bellona), musste aber seid OpenWorld kam eine pause einlegen. Jetzt mit dem launch möchte ich mich wieder in das spiel vertiefen. Allerding kann ich nicht immer aktiv sein. Da ich zurzeit sowohl arbeite als auch nebenbei einen Wirtschafts-Bachelor an der Uni mache (morgen + donnerstag letzte prüfungen des semesters) ist mein Zeitplan schon relativ voll. Täglich online sein ist deshalb eher unwarscheinlich, genauso wie länger
  8. Thank you for the update I really appreciate your effort to keep us updated. Can't wait to sail out again!
  9. Hello comandante After a pretty long period of inactivity i found myself thinking that spain is probably not the best nation for me I will probably play a bit for myself amd look for what i enjoy and then pick a mation if i willever come back to spain i will surely contact you Thank you all good luck with the squadron see you in the seas Cpt. Bixol
  10. I still think we get rattlesneak, amsterdam, indie and another ship choisen from devs I'm infact undecided between rattlesneak and indie, buf it lookslike we will get both
  11. They are in kiew and as long as we pay them in $ it's not a problem
  12. I have a strange feeling that we will se:Amsterdam rattlesneak indie and another choosen from devs, probably christian or wasa? I really appreciate this the more ships, the more variety on the seas
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