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  1. Then they should just change it so I can‘t trade them with others.
  2. I think there shouldn‘t be a timer for paints at all...they‘re just cosmetics so give them to ne.
  3. The Muskets in those days weren‘t really acurate, so I don‘t see much of a problem with this idea, in fact I think it would be nice to have just because of the fact we always talk about „realism“ and even don‘t have the most simple things in game. Marines are on board to shoot the guys on the other ship and spare sailors wouldn‘t just chill too. So it‘s just logical to have this function and they should start shooting all by themselve, except I tell them not to shoot. Any small ship that gets close to a 1st Rate should be devastated. But it should not be insta win, like I said, those muskets were rather inaccurate. But at least the morale should drop and some people should get killed. Ships like Victory had more Marines on Board than the whole Crew of a Snow was. I understand that it’s funny and nice for the Ego of Captains who sink or capture a 1st Rate with a 6th Rate ship...but honestly in my opponion, with the talk about realism and so on there shouldn‘t even be a discussion about this feature because they had Marines and Muskets and we have Marines and Muskets...we wan‘t the most realistic game we can get so our marines and sailors should do what we have them for: Fight against the enemy with all available weapons. Maybe make it so we have to buy the muskets too. And I don‘t think it would be insta win for big ships or crew decimated before they sink. Just don‘t get to close and like others said, only open decks would be affected. And like I said before, at bigger ranges there wouldn‘t be much impact because of inaccuracy of the weapons and not to forget the ships move around too.
  4. Yeah but they did not have to pay for their Ships also...
  5. Well, in my opinion „hardcore“ would be in first line realistic sailing an gunnery. And by that mean like the real deal with being able to set any sail in any combination and so on. Or Battle Sails for the reason they used it in real life. More crew for guns, more stabile platform. And so on.
  6. Well, for me it’s not the uncertainty about any patch but simply that I don’t like the recent changes concerning the missions and other stuff.
  7. And still the only „hardcore“ things I see are game mechanics that make life less comfortable in this game. Neither sailing or shooting is anywhere near hardcore. AND I don’t think an already small playerbase doesn’t need to get even more reasons to quit.
  8. Made a good laugh...I don’t see anything hardcore in this game where a simple turn that would take hours in real life can be achieved in one or two minutes...sailing is pretty straight forward, not that complicated...even the shooting is simplified. Hardcore would be doing it like in real life, but then on the other hand I would have officers and gunners who can think for 2 cents and don’t shoot when there is not target in front of them. The only „hardcore“ things are game mechanics that make some pretty straight forward things unnecessary complicated. Oh, and every game is „for the developers money“ because, we’ll, they want to earn money with it.
  9. Well, quite frankly: If I buy a game and can’t even finish the Tutorial (meant for explaining the game, not challangeing) then I wouldn’t even bother to play the rest because I would assume it only gets harder afterwards. It‘s nice to be a bit challengeing and not that easy but a tutorial just isn’t meant to accomplish that. And it‘d not like the Tutorial is THE absolute experience either compared to other games. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the game, I just don’t think the Challenge (for my understanding a Tutorial would be make this and that and you accomplish this and not some „Exams“ I don’t even know what’s coming without any background) is the right motivator for newbies and casual players.
  10. Now contrary to my posts before the patch over all I have to say I think he is rather good. Tutorial might be a bit tricky in the end, but not undoable. I think the chains do rather high damage from what I’ve seen, but two per gun may be a bit low in numbers. Haven‘t got to test the new ship yet, but looking forward to it, even if I’m a bit afraid of losing it.
  11. Then they maybe should never close so assistance can still join later on. True, there should be a risk, but some information what’s going on in the surrounding would be helpful.
  12. Don’t worry sir, it’s not a waste of time since it is my decision if I want to play. I just appreciated the opportunity to do quick missions in the past.
  13. That’s quite a lot, and I simply don’t have that much time for it Yeah, but I first have to get there. Maybe some „intel“ what’s going on in the surrounding of the battleinstance would really help to get a feeling if there is some threat closing in.
  14. Yeah sure, I have „only“ about 550 hours and the game since 2014. I am well aware that playing a game with those ships takes more time, still it would be nice to have the chance to do some quick action.
  15. The „problem“ I personally have with that change is, like stated before, that I simply don’t always have that much time to spend. With the missions we have at the moment I have the opportunity to do one or two quick missions and then go to work or do other things I have to do. And the other thing that bothers me is, that when I do a mission I can relax, against AI I can get attacked by other players. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing in general, but when I attack an AI fleet and get then attacked by an player I didn’t see before in OW it’s just „unrealistic“ because I would have seen him before and at least annoying when I just want some fast action in between. Maybe some thing could be implemented that when one is in Battleinstance he can check if there are other players in the OW near him or closing in to him. Would be helpful and not unrealistic because even in a battle I would have some guys to check if there are some other guys around me, taking into account things work much faster in game than in real life.
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