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  1. Quality is really good. what ship is that representing by the way? Arizona?
  2. Ah, excellent, I could possibly recreate the revised Kongo class I have in my rtw2 1920 game... 3 quad turrets and two superimposed triple barrel turrets... 20 guns... tho, UAD I could pack in the extra 2 for 22 guns... Mmmm, firepower... I am glad for this.
  3. I see this grew a second page... Anyway, what I wanted to respond to was that while I can see design of enemy ships possible; there should also be an option for ai taking fleet design from the campaign library, since odds are good we would not see the sort of massive overhaul of this scale until after the campaign comes about. Hence ai simply taking the ships needed from the campaign data libraries. Otherwise, I can easily see some likely spending days designing a fleet for a custom battle, so much so you'd need a save progress button as well.
  4. Yes, a library would be helpful. Then I could save the 15, 18, and 21 gun designs I come up with. Not to mention the 40+ torpedo broadside cruiser...And other designs I've seen on youtube. While I appreciate the historical. My thought it is, its been done and dusted, documented 3 ways from Sunday. Let's look at alternative designs to possibly give the historical a run for the money effectively speaking. Yes, I support custom battles having far more custom to them than simply ships in the long run. Landform usage: Solomon Islands and Guadalcanal areas. Possibly a sliver of the Ph
  5. Just want to say that while this game wasn't intended to run on low end netbooks, UAD will run fine in windowed mode, no crashing involved with the i630 gfx. Will be redoing more missions later... As for up above... Not to endorse another game here, but if you play that online ships game, you get a much better idea of why people speak of angles of attack rather than perfect parallel lines.. We'd all like to think in simple terms that a line of battle is two straight lines of ships, but not even in the age of sail were there really ships literally sailing a straight line, because each
  6. More specifically, it is the open gl stuff... As for video drivers.... intel updater insists there is a video update for the 630, HOWever, the installer software/website insists that I have to go thru lenovo... Which does not have an update for the video driver of this model... Pardon my little rant here, but why they don't bother with a video driver update for a laptop that is supposedly a collector edition [starwars], thats just stupid... I have a smaller Lenovo that got the video update just fine, maybe I should ask Lenovo a question on that... It's not that I can't play.. I
  7. I agree, very much good modeling examples here. Also agree that ship design mode needs adjustment, especially in unlocked mode. Great samples of your work though!
  8. I would hope at the very least that they add additional sticky points for the barbette system, and while I seem to have read something about AI being limited, I'm not really sure if that's such a big factor... Considering how many have asked for this feature in a near continuous mantra/chant, they should perhaps just add them in regardless of the possible AI issues and let us help them test it out, that is what Alpha is for really... And Quad turrets for Jean Bart and other weird French battleships...Although, the British tried quads at one point I think... Anyway, I agree with everyone'
  9. So, anyone gotten any 21 gun salutes lately from a ship? Eh, likely not... Still, its a nice, if silly idea. I've had this design in mind ever since I came across the custom battles in January. Yamato hull works the best for this, although you can do a variant on some battle cruiser hulls too, and unlock on. Yes, the hull section for the unlocked mode seriously needs to be organized so that its a scroll sort of deal in the bottom center, not just a single line obscuring other things... Just saying, I keep hoping to see others go for the seven turret design, but I have yet to s
  10. Yeah, I managed to get through the very first mission, target practice, again. But any mission past that has been an unable to complete due to screen freezing in sea battle mode. And yes I did post in the tech forum. Enjoy the game, been playing it pretty often, specially before my desktop died... But yeah, I look forward to the next update.
  11. So, recently, I had my desktop power supply fried, and it fried the mb/cpu too. Hard drives are fine. Anyway, due to that I had to reinstall uad on a net book... I7 cpu, 4gb ram, 256gb hd. intel 630 gfx. I can design ships... but somewhere in the sea battle phase, the screen will freeze. the game itself continues, but the screen image simply freezes and sounds are fine. I would certainly guess that a lenovo yoga is not really meant for this sort of game, but it does work... I got thru the first mission [again] just fine without crashing. Subsequent missions however, and the custom battles, ev
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