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  1. GB attacked Sweden first. Source: Am GB and watched us take Prinz.
  2. Lets not forget that the nations leaders propensity to attack anyone that disagrees with them is a huge contributing factor to why people leave GB. Whilst I agree that the Prolific Forger DLC is an issue of concern, without it, those that get shit on by others in GB would not be able to leave. Everyone has a right to enjoy the game as they please, clan leaders and leadership in GB has, for a long time now, tried shitting on anyone they don't like so those people should be given the opportunity to move on. GB's biggest flaw is too many leaders all wanting ports and then fighting over them. Hope
  3. Salamanca is not GB's only crafting port. GB started a war it wasn't prepared to fight by attacking Prinz, let's not act like GB was innocent just because Prinz was neutral. Surrendering is a good option. You are not speaking for the entirety of GB when you say "we", you are speaking for the minority that stupidly voted to go to war and now don't turn up to port battles. GB is not important to the new player population, it has such ego driven players leading clans that all new players learn is how best to shit talk and lie their way through the game. GB needs to be sent back to Jamai
  4. You have a source for this?
  5. If we get full battles, can we have people form lines and give a broadside salute to Seeferkel before fighting starts?
  6. An event in memory of Seeferkel is a great idea. We should use ships that can have a black paint and/or sails and meet someone that most people are, like Tumbado or La Tortue. Having LLAMA members in a battle with 25 other players in order to do a broadside salute would be a great send off.
  7. Port investments, buildings, teleporting, crafting seasoned woods, crafting books, buying stuff from admiralty, labour contracts. Pretty sure i missed more.
  8. Custom Chat Channels There are so many reason for custom channels to be added into the game: Trading Recruitment Communication between Clan Leaders Friends in different nations Diplomatic So many more as well. Please vote so this can be added into the game, it would be an extremely nice quality of life change.
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