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  1. +1 it would be nice to have some disruptive camouflage as well ... could be a nice asset to lower enemy accuracy and be cool as well
  2. my two cents : I did struggle at the beginning but I have spent some time watching the youtube videos from Stealth17gaming or The History Guy , it did helped me a lot about learning the game dynamics , about what does work and what doesn't . Here you will find useful information about how to get the upper hand during combats . Getting the most from your ship and a good knowledge to spot what are your strenghts and your weakspots compared to the enemy is essential . It does take a while. Sometime a 16¨ gun is WAY more efficient than a 18¨, sometimes it's necessary to have only 2 guns per turret to gain some accuracy, and to save some weight to trade for armor ect ect ... There is a LOT of choices available to build an efficient ship . Sometime the choices I made were VERY bad sometimes they paid off. My ships had the nasty tendancy to detonate then I realized that my tactics were wrong and my design could be improved . Afterwards, it's getting better and better . Try the custom battle : 1Super BB against a single ship, then against multiple ships and so on Keep on going !
  3. I cannot wait to build some Fletcher , Isokaze or some Type 34 Zerstorer
  4. Some good things to add in my opinion: -ship behavior : it would be nice to set an "erratic" pattern for DD's to do some zigs-zags route in the way to the target or some other predetermined pattern for heavier units. -launching torp without aiming (like in Wow) , in order to force the enemy units to manoeuver. -torpedo aiming cone : to know how to put our unit in the correct position to have a descent firing solution -as said before : more information about bearing and heading of our ship and of the enemy ships as well
  5. All missions completed !! Big thanks for all the guys here who helped me and for the dev team for this amazing game
  6. Almost there (34/35) , the mission "Prove your might" is currently resisting
  7. Mission completed ! Thanks guys
  8. Hi guys, I am really struggling on this one , destroy 70% of the BB's well protected by a swarm of DD with 22km torpedoes before a big bully will join the party . I tried many different configs (1 super BB with 4x3 18", best rangefinder , good armor , worked ok with 2BB and 5 DD sunk but when the remaining badly damaged enemy BBs escape , they are covered by the super BB @30kt in the opposite direction . So at the end, not enough speed to close the distance and only few rounds left (even with increased shells) . Building 2 BB's with a fair balance of gunpower and survivability (4x3 16"), I could barely sunk 1 BB and damage @40% another one , and then same story, escape @30kt , and a Super BB which has the range to finish my BBs off.
  9. Warning newbie here ! hello folks, happy to join the party , I hope my question is not too stupid ... I managed to achieve 31 out of 35 academy missions but I am still struggling. How does work the computation of the ammo-rack damage ? Sometime when I get "hooded" , my shiny BB is blown apart (2000-3000 damage) in one blow and the ammorack on the enemy ships are around 60 to 200 , with similar armor thickness, bulkeads, distance, chance to penetrate, gun size ... I tried to minimize the chance of detonation on the shipyard but I still got some nasty detonations . many thanks for your feedbacks and advices
  10. @PatriotASR : The closest I was to achieve this mission was with your kind of build , but the BB escaped and my crippled engines didn't allow me to finish it. I should polish my gameplay I guess lol
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