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  1. Good Evening. I was just trading between Mortimer town and Nuevitas when I was jumped by 3 people that apparently just switched out of the pirate nation. Fair is fair but then apparently one of their friends jumped in on my side in a Constitution and helped them even admitting in the chat that he was with them. Was constantly trying to get in my way, pushed one of the guys away as I was boarding it, kept preventing me from maneuvering. The second time I tried to board the Endymion the Constitution got in between us and got the board 1st so that I didn't cap the ship. This type of unfair game p
  2. Really liking the new paints on the DLC. Good job devs :)
  3. Should just be bound to a key to open and close in both OW and in battle
  4. Grind, put in work & practice. It's the logical way of life.
  5. Often time I enjoy sailing around in the battle mode in what I suppose you would call the "1st person view" or on the deck, but I've noticed that the Constitution Classic is bugged as in when you look above 90° to the horizon, the camera switches to a straight down view almost. Examples here in 2 clips I made. Anyone else have this problem. I just though I would try to bring this to devs attention as I am not sure it's been brought up or posted before.
  6. RIP Implacable. Seeing things like this hurts my stomach, as with any govt. and historical wartime relics, whether they be ships, aircraft, tanks, monuments, forts, etc, etc. I can understand that the cost of restoration and upkeep might be hefty, but when I think of all the other dumb crap humans just love to spend money on and yet we can't find money to preserve our history. Absurd really.
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