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  1. Hi, Does anyone know if for gunnery perk: + 25 reload means that the reload takes longer ? (so it is worse than standard) or it is better (quicker) so this perk gives bonuses both to reload speed and accuracy. +25 accuracy The same situation is with sea wolfes. Thank you in advance. Regards Cobramys
  2. Just an update... I have run the repair option on game screen hoping that this might download the latest patch but when it runs I have v0.6.48 rev.34274 ? I am lost... How can I play the game on latest patch ? Please help. Cobramys
  3. Hi Pandakraut and Sterner, I am not very profficient with "computers". I have bought the game via steam. I have version v 1.6.38 and the game is not downloading anything when I start it. Are those patches somehow automatically run / downloaded via steam ? Or do I have to download them manually ? How can I check that v0.7.5 rev.34513 or v0.7.0 rev.34405 (described on steam) is already on my computer ? Please advice. Best regards Cobramys
  4. Hi Sterner, It is happening always when I take a battery from the enemy. It cannot be used at all. Here I am sure and I tried it several times (10+). In case of own artillery it may happen after some time - but here I am not 100% sure. In case of own artillery if I dismiss crew and put a new crew from other unit it happens as well. Regards Cobramys
  5. Hi, I am unable to move captured arty and also after some time (initial movement) I am unable to move my own arty. I have reported it alresdy twice. Could you plaese comment on it. Regards Cobramys
  6. Thanks for reply. I have posted a short bug report that experience is not working. I have never seen a 1, 2 or 3 star ship in harbor permanently. On you tube there are gameplays of 18 episodes and no ships have any stars. If you put experienced land soldiers back to reserve and than to ships crew you get ships with stars in harbor but after a save and load action those stars dissapear and crew experience are reset to 1,1,1,1,1,1 you already wrote about. I was trying too look at ships crew experience before and after battle (removing officers not to complicate the view) and it seems not to wor
  7. Naval crew experience seems not to work for me at all ? Does anyone of developers / players know if this is a bug ? and if so when it will be corrected ? Regards Cobramys
  8. Hi Pandakraut once again. I just finished Friedriksburg in the same campaign.
  9. Hi Pandakraut I used 2 corps. The I one (here the latter) was the main battle force.
  10. Hi Pandakraut, I love your mode. I play with v. 1.7 CSA legendary. In second Bull Run instead of fighting on the ridge (as you did) I just destroyd coming Union forces separately. Regards Cobramys
  11. Hello, Thanks for help. Regards Cobramys
  12. Hello, I have a question - maybe someone could help me. Are unit stats capped at 100 or they can be higher ? If they can reach above 100 is there a method to see what they actually are ? How it influence unit performance ? Is the unit with firearms 200, efficiency 80 and command 80 shooting better than unit with firearms 100, efficiency 80 and command 80 ? Is it twice as good ? I would be really thankful for help. Cobramys
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