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  1. This is the Army after Fredericksburg, AI get smaller brigade with round 3K, kind like vanilla scaling and after disband the unit in second and third corp, The AI unit increase to 4.5K. I use 4K per Infantry bridage, and set AI max for 8K. wondering why And in the last battle Washington for south, no matter how big per bridage scale, AI seems keep fixed scale with totol round 300K army
  2. Very Glad to see you sirs are still working on this project, looking forward to a large scale campaign. currently the scaling still got a bit confusion due to adding Army Bridage number result even less AI on minor battle Actually I have waited for your mod until get a boy today^^
  3. Many thanks, I have work through the guide for rounds, real helpful.
  4. That's very sophisticate tools and no way for me with zero programming knowledge to access. And for the deployment size, is it controled by the .dll for every battle?
  5. Really brilliant! hat off to you sir. I search the asset file with Hex couple of times and totally with no clue without text content on right side.
  6. Another question for you sir, where in the asset file to modify the career bonus? or which key words I shall search? I'd like to do some changes on army organization´╝î ex: max bridage per division etc. many thanks in advance
  7. Many thanks, and a question for you sir, in the unitModifiers file, what is the mean for movePerStamina, is the value bigger means the unit could run longer?
  8. Many thanks for the work and ideas, I tried the mod a few hours and find the shotting is quite inefficient, since the mod use very large scale, it got me a bit frustration to see a 5000 men brigade, open one round volly fire only inflict less than ten. the orginal ideas of the game is to show the brutal and high casualties due to the new weapon technology and old line tactics on the battlefiled, like in Gettysburg, march in the open field, attack fortification with heavy artillary support will easily cost half of division. so it encourage player to choice the assault route more wisely and use recon and preparatory bombardment to soft enemy artillary, use skirmisher to find the weakness of the line before push on the main force and player still need to pay considerable toll to win. I like the scale increase a lot, through 2000 cavalry got a very long line when dismount, I'm very keen to see the small battle with more unit, more man Involve and longer time. It will be much appriciate you sir can teach us how to modfy the .dll file, I can modfy the asset file, big thanks for the tutorial but got no clue on the .dll or can we get a simple scale increase mod (more man more unit) . Many thanks
  9. Hi guys. many thanks for the guide, I have tried many times and find out some date for mod, Range: C8 43=400 ,Fa 43=500, 16 44=600, Fa 44=2000, 48 45=3200, 7A 45=4000 melee:20 41=10, 48 41=12.5, 70 41=15, A0 41=20, C8 41=25. F0 41=30, 20 42=40, 48 42=50, 70 42= 60, 8c 42=70, 96 42=75, AA 42=85, C8 42=100 same with damage rate: F0 42=25, C8 42=30, 96 42= 40, 70 42=50, F0 41=100, A0 41=150, 40 41=250 Accurary: CD CC CC 3D=10, 00 00 80 3E=25, 9A 99 99 3E=30, CD CC CC 3E=40, 00 00 00 3F=50, 9A 99 19 3F=60, 33 33 33 3F=70, 00 00 40 3F=75, 9A 99 59 3F=85, 66 66 66 3F=90, 00 00 80 3F=100 and the 4 number behind the accurary can be understood as ballistic or damage decline, all the smoothbore are 66 66 06 3F, strong on short range and rifle gun use: 66 66 26 40, strong on long range. and most rifle use CD CC 8C 3F
  10. Very well done, Sir. Could you please kindly enlighten us how you mod the skill perks, I'm keen to find out the parameter to control each skills
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