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  1. I know. It was great. One of the guys in my group killed you so many times it stopped counting toward his PVP hunt mission because the devs put in alt-farming protections. It was unfortunate for him because he only needed .4 kills when he killed you the last time.
  2. Alot of these are actually really good. Combining the idea of free nation switch to smaller nations with the idea of elimination of pirates for RvR could allow the return of something fun like Green v Green forcing the player to turn pirate. I also like the RoE change, except I would say the forced wait time should at most be equal the amount of time into the battle. I would even do something like a maximum 10 minute wait for a joiner (if the battle is joined 10 or more minutes after starting), with a spot placed on the map where the new player(s) will join. The player(s) already fighting then have the option to attempt to flee or stay and fight, knowing where the new player will spawn and how long until the spawn happens. I think opening the teleport feature to all national or free ports will increase pvp, and it wouldn't be too hard to have an EVE system of assets so you know which ports your ships/repairs/resources are in. Some of the other points are good too, though starting all players at Shroud would create a giant mess. Would be worse than being a brand new player starting in KPR about a year ago. Felt sorry for those guys, getting constantly sunk by experienced players who just sat there and picked them apart day after day after day. Probably lost many a new player to this game that way.
  3. Come to Sweden...good access to the PVP zones, lots of RvR daily.
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