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  1. After discussing idea here i agree that this system might work better if it would be PvE not PvP based. Especially since it would be the same challenge for all players and this would as well totaly eliminate any explotation or cheating. This sysem could be used without removing grinded XP from players, they would keep XP but rank would be returned to Master commander, then they would have to do some special rank up battles. From midshipmen to Master commander - grinding based rank up To Captain - Easy challenge To Flag captain - Moderate challenge To Commodore - Diffic
  2. Yep that way some serious challenges could be created and they would be the same for all players.
  3. I agree, it can get very complicated this way (still idea in progress), way easier and fairer if the challenge would be players vs AI, but since AIs are so predictable this might be a problem. Well maybe if we go AI way and add a bit more BR diffeence. It would still be a challenge to win lets say 2:1 or maybe even 3:1 ratio BR battles. This way it would be easy to apply a new system and it would be up to devs to decide the difficulty of the challenges.
  4. One way to make Alts unusable is to create special event in missions tab, where event would take place at server population peak time and would still need some minimum amount of people to start the battles. Defending players would have been chosen by system RANDOMLY. System would also choose apropriate ships for all players to create perfect BR ratio needed for promotion but it would always be 2 defenders vs 1 attacker. This way even if one alt actually gets in the other defender can report it if he founds it suspicious.
  5. I have not read your topic before but kind of the same idea came to my mind few days ago. Although my version impacts ranking as well, so that your skill rank is also your actual rank and impacts how many crew you can have. This would also impact PB ship diversity. The point of mine and Zooloo ideas are that this game would really benefit with any kind of skill ranking system, either going my way or Zooloo way or something in between.
  6. Not easy to arrange if event is at peak time only with some minimal number of participants required to start and random player selection. Yes there can be some variabilities and luck but so is in real life. When fighting 2vs1 there is mostly just skill that counts. About penalizing traders/crafters, the system would go like that: Rear admiral - very difficult Commodore - Difficult Flag captain - Moderate Captain - Easy Lower ranks - Grinding only Since Captain can crew 350 this means he can safely crew even the largest trading ship Indiaman, especially
  7. Hi Captains, The other day i just got an idea about totaly different ranking system, closer to the real world rankings, ranking that is based on skill not just grinding alone. So to get further into explanation, my idea was that people still have to grind to reach a next step but after they reach it they unlock a test, test that makes you rank up and show your skill worthines of that rank. I remember some games i ve played in past that wanted "boss challenge" or certain score in limited time to be colected before passing to next level but i ve never seen it in online gaming where gri
  8. Well im not getting soft, i like new changes even though i will loose all my golden ships. But i have too many ships anyway so i like idea that it wont actually matter if ship is crafted or captured... means no need for having so many only golden ships and breaking all captured ones.
  9. waznewz, playing games is waste of time in general! The only difference is if you like this waste of time or not. I am also a crafter, i just crafted another SH Locean yesterday to find it will soon be wiped...
  10. I really like 1 duro for all ships implementation. Back in real history the ships were prizes and were rarely sunk, captains rather boarded them and collect their riches. Getting exp for perticular ship also seems logical step. So its way more logical that skills of sailing a vessel come to captain and not on ship upgrades. Why would someone that sails Renomee for the first time go 16knots? Where is the logic in that. He should work his way up to become experienced sailor for that ship. But some upgrades could still be ship bounded, but they should be way more accesible = no midgrade notes nee
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