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  1. Peer den Schuymer

    A Re-take to Regional Bonuses

    At point number 4: There was not one ship similar at the time even if it was the same class, but in order to trim it the right way (eg faster, stiffer into the wind etc) the commander did that trimming by moving weight forward or aft or by adjusting the ships rigging and masts etc. (not permitted but nevertheless done by everyone). I don't know exactly what you mean by 'force' but if it means just that I agree and you can skip the bonuses as far as I'm concerned
  2. Peer den Schuymer

    Themepark CabalalalalaLand

  3. Correct but the deceleration and acceleration should be adjusted, imo both have to come down significantly mainly because of inertia.
  4. When tacking, the deceleration to 0 kts and acceleration to minus 2-4 kts is way too fast. Hermione weighs about 1200 tonnes, there's no way it will come to a full stop and sail backwards at 4 kts within a distance of about 2 ship lengths when tacking. I agree to the backwards sailing up to a certain degree, but that will take way more time due to the ships inertia and not at that great a speed. I noticed that my Hermione sailed at -1 when I was (very) close hauled. This should take the speed out of the ship and eventually the wind out of your sails but not give an opposite force on your sails and a negative speed, especially not since you have your jibs and spanker raised. Maybe it's an option to insert the possibility to move the spanker the opposite way with manual sails because that's one of the 1st things you do when tacking. It forces your stern around even before you turn all your other rigging
  5. * Critical resources for shipbuilding more evenly distributed over the map. * Bring back the alliance system, now most players will stay in their own little pond, bringing back alliance system will also help to fix the economic system. *Bring down the prices for building shipyard, workshop etc
  6. Peer den Schuymer

    PvP Rewards - feedback needed

    Indeed, now you have to follow Devs way of playing this game and thus restricted in a lot of ways. The gap between a select group of players and the rest widens by the day. You'll find guys in L Oceans where the rest still has to do with light ships. New players will get fed up with this game in acouple of days and a lot of old hands will start leaving if this is how the game remains.
  7. Peer den Schuymer

    Dear Sirs (developers) My thoughts.

    Moira, I couldn't agree more. Lengthy but very true story
  8. Indifatigable LGV Surprise Endymion
  9. Peer den Schuymer

    Duplication Exloit

    I'm shocked to discover that we are fighting with one hand tied on our backs. I was already surprised to find no player traders of certain nations at all. Me and the majority of the players are putting a lot of effort in the game only to find out that a minor group is spoiling it with a maximum of impact on the gameplay. In hindsight the evidence was already there there for an extended period. (25 PB ships lost vs 2 ????) No player traders of certain clans whatsoever (How do they get their mats?). I sincerely hope that this will be fixed and the warehouses of certain players are checked and emptied out, if at all possible. Kind regards, Peer