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  1. Soldier, any reason for me to deviate from my 24 how/20 par builds and add 1 or 2 whits? Worth it?
  2. Do either of you gents have a stream of your battle by chance?
  3. I'm in the Cold Harbor Wilderness campaign, and I suspected some bloody side missions...My first attempt on Brock Road...was not elegant. I tried a double flank but instead it didn't time it well enough and only 1 wing engaged at a time. I also didn't take a wide enough flanking position on my right hand side and still ran pretty much into their center. I was starting to make head way and push through the 1st layer, but it was too bloody for my taste and I'm hitting the reset button. Thinking about a single flanking maneuver with the vast majority of my forces next time. Looking at th
  4. I use a fairly standard Army naming convention for the infantry so I can see their org structure at a glance. An example would be "2-2-1 Volunteers". 2nd Corps, 2nd Division, 1st Brigade. The volunteers portion denotes that they've got substandard weapons and 1-star or less worth of experience. Decent weapons (i.e. Springfield 1855s and above) and 2-star status would be denoted by "Regulars". 3-star or 2-star Brigades that are on the verge of getting 3-star status are given special names in parenthesis such as "1-1-1 Regulars (Iron)".
  5. 6 batteries of 20 lbs Parrotts. Thanks for the tip!
  6. About what range were you at in the Parrott's range capability? About medium? Or max?
  7. So did you bother to do it?
  8. Um wow. Its the first side mission that kind of opened my eyes a little bit. That fort's a tough nut to crack even at 2.5:1 odds. Should I even bother with this? My first attempt ended in a helluva lot of broken bodies on my side.
  9. Thanks. But is it true that eventually, I have to win both those VPs in order to get total victory?
  10. Hey all, I read Didz' excellent observations on the Steam version of the forums on this battle...and as I was reading through it, one comment strikes me. Didz in the first phase secured all objectives, but in the next phase had all his troops punted back to the starting position. So is there any real point to capturing Orange Turnpike and Plank Road? I see they're listed as victory conditions, but couldnt I just keep my troops in a defensive posture in the first phase, so that way I'm not running to and fro and throwing away lives needlessly if I have to capture the objectives twice?
  11. Just saw the balancing patch from the devs. I had loaded up on 24 howitzers and 20 lbs parrotts...are they nerfed really badly?
  12. I didnt think about that. You mean attack Telegraph Hill from the rear essentially? How long does it take you to move your whole Corps around Marye?
  13. I don't know if there's a better way of doing this, but I've been dumping my spare brigades into a spare Corps that's not full of troops yet.
  14. Fred, thx. To be clear this is the southern edge of the map that youre talking about right? And isnt Telegraph Road the confederate center? Is it weaker than the battle intro advertises?
  15. I'm about to start this battle myself. Was wondering if Marye's Heights is as much as a fool's errand as it was in real life and if I should simply avoid/fix/demonstrate in front of the Rebels here.
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