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  1. After a decent day's PvPing up around Danish/Swedish waters (three engagements, three kills), a small Swedish squadron decided to come out and do something about the Conny in their waters. Comprised of a Buc, and two Frigates, the Swedes refused to get careless, and as such, I was not able to obtain an advantage. For an hour-and-a-half, we played the Chain Game; me running downwind, and them unable get a good shot at me. Four minutes from the end of the battle timer, the two well-handled frigates made an attempt at boarding me, which I narrowly avoided. At three minutes remaining, they d
  2. Having been absent from the game for a bit over a month, some newly acquired free time (and a newly-acquired ship) has given me the opportunity to explore the North-Eastern stretches of the map. Apparently, the French/Swedish/Danish alliance is not supportive of exploration, and as such I was also presented with the now rare chance to PvP! I was attacked twice (in my Conny) by two separate Surprises... Thanks to [ER]Armand De La Croix and [HRE]Quios for the battles! New ship's current capture/kill record: - 2 light frigates - 1 support ship Attemp
  3. Lol fair play, fair play... We'll see you guys tomorrow when the Empire Strikes Back... didn't end well for the guys with red swords.
  4. Guys, we knew you were following with your first rates. We were hoping to that by getting a far tag, not all of you would be able to get in and we could have a similar BR fight. You Brits *know* we were outgunned, and believe me, none of us got a real thrill sailing around for four hours hoping for a good fight. It was boring for us too, chill out.
  5. I find it ironic that you would accuse someone of manipulation of data, while you yourself twist facts to your advantage. You have generalized the British advantages into one "advantage", whilst painstakingly detailing every quality of the Swedish/Pirate team, in a poorly-concealed effort to exaggerate the Brit's performance.Swedish/Pirate Advantage: -Coordination/communication -Greater total PvP experience (assumption) -PvP setup (gold ships/mods) British Advantages: -Superior firepower (more guns, and heavier guns) -Superior numbers -Chasing enemy (given the opportunity to engage/dis
  6. I assure you, no one has been offended. If indeed you do frequent the KPR region, then I would imagine you will often be presented with the opportunity to "sink" us, as we have grown quite fond of the area, and the good battles that British players are willing to participate in. See you around. o/
  7. If everyone talking trash/insulting us could tag their in-game name and nation at the end of their post, that'd be great... A lot of people hate SORRY, it's hard to keep track of who's who.
  8. Chimera, might I ask what your in-game name is? Just so I can place a player to the forum posts?
  9. And props to the Britts for coming out at engaging us. That's a lot more than some people do! Well-fought.
  10. We are delayed on my account, sorry about that. However, I believe we have set the date with our opponents for Sunday, 08:00 central time.
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