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Naval Action - From the deck of the USS Constitution 

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Narrow Escape

After a decent day's PvPing up around Danish/Swedish waters (three engagements, three kills), a small Swedish squadron decided to come out and do something about the Conny in their waters.  Comprised of a Buc, and two Frigates, the Swedes refused to get careless, and as such, I was not able to obtain an advantage. For an hour-and-a-half, we played the Chain Game; me running downwind, and them unable get a good shot at me. Four minutes from the end of the battle timer, the two well-handled frigates made an attempt at boarding me, which I narrowly avoided. At three minutes remaining, they decided to just finish off one side of my ship. I started taking water at 2:30, and after drawing them against wend (to prevent boarding) I dropped sails and hoped my pump to last. As you can see, it barely did. Thanks to [SAAA]Tord Torskfejs (Buc), [SAAA]Ramn (Frig), and [SAAA]Gunnar Grogg (Frig) for the crazy fight.  Also, I did manage to kill a Trinco by his own fort, so that was cool.  Kill/capture for today:     - 3 heavy frigates Boarding Attempt                                                                                                           Escape        Constitution 1 (kill 1)                                              Constitution 2 (kill 2)                                            Fort's Friendly Fire (kill 3)  

Commodore Clay

Commodore Clay


A Bit Rusty...

Having been absent from the game for a bit over a month, some newly acquired free time (and a newly-acquired ship) has given me the opportunity to explore the North-Eastern stretches of the map. Apparently, the French/Swedish/Danish alliance is not supportive of exploration, and as such I was also presented with the now rare chance to PvP!  I was attacked twice (in my Conny) by two separate Surprises... Thanks to [ER]Armand De La Croix and [HRE]Quios for the battles!   New ship's current capture/kill record:     - 2 light frigates    - 1 support ship   Attempted Exploration of Trader's Cargo Hold   French Aggression 

Commodore Clay

Commodore Clay

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