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Found 15 results

  1. As far as i can tell the ingame USS Constitution is modeled after the constitution in its current (2014) state not how it was originally built, or during the war of 1812. The key differences are, the current USS Constitution has higher bulwarks, different stern decorations, and the bow has weather bulwarks. http://www.ussconstitutionmuseum.org/collections-history/faq/#appearance In 1798 she would have looked like this. http://www.shipmodel.com/models/constitution-old-ironsid note the different stern decorations , lower bulwarks, no weather bulwarks on the bow, and it has a figurehead. In 1812 she would have looked like this. http://www.modelexpo-online.com/album.asp?a=Thomsen_USS-Constitution note it no longer has a figurehead but it has different stern decorations , lower bulwarks, no weather bulwarks on the bow. Changing the ingame Constitution to an earlier state would also fix the current problem of its bow chasers firing thru the weather bulwarks. I believe most the the changes to the USS Constitution (the bow weather bulwarks, different stern, and higher side bulwarks) where done sometime after 1820. I hope the devs change the ingame constitution to the 1798 version or the 1812 version because for me it feels odd to be sailing around in a post 1820 ship. KIngEmu (ingame efalden)
  2. This image is a great visual to see precisely how many ships require permits that are purchasable only via Combat Medals. It also shows which ships are out-classed by ships of lower class. Please answer the Poll that relates to this image. First section highlights which ships are not craftable without permits (denoted with *) or because they are DLC/Gift ships Notice only 2 of 4 4th rates are available; 50% - 1 of these 'uncraftables' being reclassified up to this class that has lower stats than the others Notice only 9 of 17 5th rates are available; 52.9% - 2 of them being Trader Ships, leaving only 7 craftable warships Notice only 7 of 12 6th rates are available; 58.3% - 2 of them being Trader Ships, 1 of them being only for Port Battles, leaving only 4 craftable warships Notice only 6 of 11 7th rates are available; 54.5% - 2 of them being Trader Ships, leaving only 4 craftable warships Remaining sections highlight which ships have worse stats than ships in rates below it. Categorized by: Guns Crew Broadside Notice how the 3 recently re-categorized ships fall significantly behind, not just slightly. This means that these ships are no longer usable in missions for these rates, means they are no longer usable in PvP Zones for these rates, means they are no longer usable in Port Battles because of their new BR. Frankly, it means these ships are worthless for anything but completing generic missions against lower rated NPC ships. Sure, they might be usable in PvP, but only against lower rated ships. Even adding the best buff mods you can, these ships will still under perform against ships of lower class with the same buff mods. An now with Rare Woods, these ships stand no chance if they are made of less quality woods. Add onto it the Crafting RNG that makes 90% of the ships only 3/5s. I suggest: Changing the USS United States, Constitution, and Indefatigable back to their respective Rates Making only 1 ship per rate uncraftable without a permit (except for DLC/Gift ships, of course) Decreasing the RNG effect as we level up in Crafting XP Getting rid of Rare Woods Making 4th Rate NPC capturable Discuss....
  3. I bought the Painter DLC and I was hoping to get the Sicily paint job for the USS Constitution, but only the USS United States. This confused me because I saw online (not in the DLC description, i`m not saying I didn't get what I paid for, I absolutely love the DLC and the idea behind it), Since they are basically the same ship can they not be applied to each other? Also slightly related question, what happened to the constitution? I hardly see it anymore, and apparently they're really hard to get Also also, a small suggestion for painter DLC or maybe even without it, I think itd be cool if you could paint your ship in your nations colors, it looks kinda weird using a black connie in the British Navy.
  4. Dear @admin, Would be grateful to know when the developers are planning to release the new and updated model of USS Constitution. Looking forward to seeing their recent beautiful work applied to such a marvelous ship. Cheers--
  5. So I finally got around to building one, or rather buying one from the Admiralty. Now I know that Wasa is the king of all things, but especially the king of 4th rates, but the heart wants what the heart wants. (Plus I think Wasa looks like a tubby lill barge, and I play on PvE, so...). Anyway. Aside from being utterly outclassed now, Connie seems to have taken a hit to the turn rate? With Teak/WO and no mods, I'm looking at about 2.5; that's comparable to turn rates of ships of the line! I don't remember it being quite as bad pre-wipe; was there a nerf to the ol' Ironsides? And why?
  6. @admin I was in a 1v1 today and demasted 2 masts(bottom section) of a wasa 3 min into battle. The connies leeway and TARNrate/tackspeed made it impossible for me to outTARN a wasa with 40-50 percent sail. As you see in the battle timer it is already 50 min into fight. I demasted 4 masts and chained alot but it was pointless. It takes forever to tack a connie, take the wasas wind, grape 200 crew and then tack again to take wind again. I see no point in a ship like the connie if you are not able to outsail a wasa or a bellona with no sail for that matter. If I were in my trinco I would have won the battle in 15min max because its possible to position myself against a ship with no sail... Situation is a bit hard to explain and my upload is to slow to make video but anyway connie needs some TARNING LOVE please I was forced to grape this guy more because he was full of boarding mods So I wanted him to be lower than 200 crew. T/WO Victory 2.21 T/T Connie 2.48 Hull is long but 2.48 is complete trash combined with how she looses all speed tacking. It makes it really hard to get upwind of a target now and by the time you do its sail rep time....it should be more like 3 just like she was when you buffed her last time T/T Wasa 3.21 T/WO Aggy 3.15
  7. Hi there, Curious what the status is on the USS Constitution rebuild? Thanks so much--
  8. Having been absent from the game for a bit over a month, some newly acquired free time (and a newly-acquired ship) has given me the opportunity to explore the North-Eastern stretches of the map. Apparently, the French/Swedish/Danish alliance is not supportive of exploration, and as such I was also presented with the now rare chance to PvP! I was attacked twice (in my Conny) by two separate Surprises... Thanks to [ER]Armand De La Croix and [HRE]Quios for the battles! New ship's current capture/kill record: - 2 light frigates - 1 support ship Attempted Exploration of Trader's Cargo Hold French Aggression
  9. Navy Bandsman blowing colors for USS Constitution(IX-21) at Washington, D.C. Photograph released November 11, 1931. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives. (2016/10/18). Zoomable version: https://openseadragon.github.io/openseadragonizer/?img=https://i.redditmedia.com/N18Rjv4HeTAQuG-Q_lqJYVDdSAETjiSN9QF6dPcwaaI.jpg?s=5ce9be6e0b4fee2e1efcfed3846a3356
  10. Hi there, I recall the developers saying that USS Constitution was due for a hull refit on her 3d model, both in terms of shape (currently a bit boxier than in the real world) and in terms of stern decorations. Any word as to when these changes will be effected? Thanks--
  11. Hi there, I recall this coming up on the forums some time ago, but I believe it was established that USS Constitution did not carry a spritsail as her 3D model currently does. Any chance this could be addressed? Cheers--
  12. The title is quite clear. I use a connie for missioning but I'm still unsure about the gun setup (a deck with carronades and one with normal cannonsor two decks with normal cannons). What's the better setup in your opinion?
  13. Please rename the ship you call the Constitution. This ship does not reflect the characteristic of the actual ship it is supposes to be based on.
  14. Update: I originally was looking at the old XML files and so the title of this thread is not accurate, I have updated the post accordingly. I knew it didn't add up with what we see in game, that's why I'd asked about possible hidden attributes, but no, it was just the wrong XML files However, my position that the Constitutions HP is far below what it should be still stands and here is some evidence for that. This may be the most in depth feedback I have given to the developers about this amazing game that we all love, but it is the most heartfelt opinion I have yet offered. The Constitutions armor and hit point rating does not match the physics of the wood and framing used on this ship. It doesn't match what is commonly known and accepted, nor the physics. Her armor rating doesn't represent a 2200 ton super heavy frigate with a 21 inch thick hull made of Southern Live and White Oak, built with the scantling scheme of a 74, zero space framing, innovative diagonal riders, lock scarfing and heavy Live Oak knees .

 The HMS Victory at the waterline has only 3 more inches of wood and it is made of the five times less dense and weaker English Oak. In fact the 21 inch maximum thickness I use is merely the most commonly repeated number, the wikipedia number, but the US Naval Historical Center states she has 25 inches at the waterline and that the 21 inches is the hull average! Let’s start with some details.

 Southern Live Oak, Quercus virginiana, indigenous to the Southeastern United States, is world renown for it’s strength and density. In fact even today the architectural formula for load bearing beams and walls allows for a reduction by up to 1/6th when using Southern Live Oak in place of any other type of oak! The hull and load framing construction of the USS Constitution was Live and White oak, with Live being the most predominant in the framing. With the Bellona and Victory it was English Oak. White Oak even is much stronger than both Red and English Oak. Furthermore the Constitution was built with zero spacing between her frame timbers, while the Bellona for example had 30 inches and the space was packed with soft woods such as pine and elm and most other frigates had between 8 and 10 inches spacing.

 If the speed of a ball during penetration was about 200 m/s, the velocity of the stress wave would be about 3000 m/s. The larger the space and the less dense the material between the spaces the more susceptible the whole structure is to the stress wave once the projectile has pierced roughly 2 inches into the wood. The density and hardness of the wood at the impact point and behind the impact point directly affects the deceleration rate and determines the share of energy that is absorbed in the penetration process. 

In short, the zero spaced supports in the USS Constitution and it’s construction of Live and White Oak would decelerate a penetration projectile much more rapidly than would the constructions of the Victory and the Bellona. Further, the denser and stronger Live and White Oak would be able to absorb the projectiles energy more rapidly and locally, reducing the structural damage the round could give. Simple physics states that a harder, denser target face, supported by harder, denser and more closely framed support is unsurprisingly harder to destroy. Splintering was a major source of crew casualties and even projectiles that did not fully penetrate could create a hail of splinters. Southern Live and White Oak's properties, specifically it's superior elastic modulus rating, are much more resistant to splintering than English Oak when hit with high speed projectiles. The one inch of total thickness difference between the Constitution and the Bellona and the three inches of difference with the Victory (or if the US Navy is to be referenced, the one inch difference with the Victory and the two inch superiority of the Constitution over the Bellona) would and should not account for the 2,391 and 3,402 point differences, respectively, in side armor values, even if the Constitution itself was made of the same English Oak. Its superior framing design alone, even if it had the same oak, would see it absorbing and surviving the exact same shot as the Bellona with less penetration and damage. Also it is to be noted that the amount of iron bolts and copper nails used in a single piece of planking of the Constitution accounted for an average of 25% of it’s weight, which British contractors also copied when they set about building their own super heavy frigates, determining that the Constitutions 3.3% of the face surface of the timber being occupied by bolts provided a high density of reinforcement to the hull that helped stop gun shots. Damage models I am aware that the current damage model takes into account the size of the ship and it’s overall structural mass and that damage model 4.0 will be of a completely different type. However when it is designed, it surely must take into account the details of what made ‘Old Ironsides’ such a powerful frigate and that wasn't just anecdotal evidence and the response of the British admiralty, who, when designing their own heavy frigates copied more than just the gun load out, (redesigned their framing to mimic the Constitution's), but it must take into account of the known physics of the wood and the framing. Even from 1811 forward the British 2nd and 3rd rates framing was changed using techniques found on the Constitution. The superiority of Southern Live and White Oak over English Oak as armor and structural framing I know the immediate response of many will be 'but the 74 has to be more powerful than a frigate!' First of all physics do not follow preconceived hierarchical arrangements we all make and are guilty of. It should be what it is and the devil is in the details. The fact remains that the 74's and even the 64's will still have a superior weight of broadside regardless of what is done to the armor, and captains being equal, will still have a clear advantage over the Constitution, and a cautious Constitution captain would wisely use his ships speed to decline a 1v1 with a Bellona on the open world sea.
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