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  1. Hi, thank you for putting up this thread. 1600 hours plus in the game, Rear Admiral Rank, level 50 crafter... Magic moments, many in fact...the first time I saw a ship blow up in combat. The time the ai ships I was fighting all glitched and ran themselves up on the land. The last one was the hardest to sink as it was up so high I had to find the right spot to shoot at it from. First time I saw a mast come down. First time I successfully captured an enemy ship, first time I captured an enemy players ship. First time I blew up a tower in a port battle. First time I capped a tower in a port battle. There was a fleet mission with some friends. I believe we were all in 4 or 5th rates and the enemy fleet (ai) was all 5 rates. I had 2 ships that came by me to either side at the start of the battle. I used the bracket keys and fired both broadsides at once. Put several leaks in one, and de-masted the other. Pure luck. I've tried to redo that, and its never happened again. There was a port battle, against the British. They were losing and their best player (and one of their biggest ships) was in trouble. Three of our guys were on him. At the last possible second he turned and boarded on of our ships....captured it, and took off again in a ship that was essentially undamaged. He almost survived to the end, but I'll never forget that move, was just classic. Another port battle, first time I sank an enemy players ship during a port battle, at that time I was very good at surviving the battle itself, but only had 'assists'. I had put a good hit on this one ship, and he got cut off and hit again by someone else. He tried to break out of the battle and make it over to 'his' side of the map, but I decided to go after him. I took him out, but, ended up on the wrong side of the line. I saw there were 2 enemy ships heading my way. To get back to "my side" meant going to either side or up the middle of a group of enemy ships. I figured I was dead anyways so I went up the middle. My best guess is they were watching ships to the 'outside' of their group, either they never noticed me, or the broadsides facing me weren't reloaded. No way I should have pulled it off, but I got through, some damage, but not enough to worry about. Talk about an adrenaline rush! Another port battle, actually a series of them, we wanted to take this British port and the Brits kept putting up a strong defense. We fought over that port for like a week straight (before the land in port patch and LONG cool down periods). It was pretty much a stalemate, we kept coming soooo close to taking that port and they kept holding it, or taking it right back. They came out with diplomacy right after that, and we ended up being allies. They told us they didn't think they could keep up the attrition in ships much longer, lots of respect earned on both sides in those battles. Not that you could that again today with the current port battle system. Then there was the time the pirates tried to take one of our ports. We set up a picket line, 1 ship just in visual range of ships to either side. When the pirate flag bearer showed up, we chased him down. Got him in battle and he led us a merry chase through the islands in the bahamas. Someone set him on fire as I got close to him...and he rammed me which set my ship on fire...his fire went out, my fire went out, and I caught up with him at the end as we sunk him. Was an epic battle and well played by the pirate player. He came very close to getting pass our screen. Again, not going to see anything like that again with the current port battle mechanics. Or, there was the time I capped a pirate second rate...only my team mate was afraid I was going to lose, so he blasted the ship at point blank range and set it on fire. It blew up! I got damaged, got an assist kill on another one of the pirates big ships, but too much had been lost and I was sunk myself. Was a great fight though. Haven't been able to participate in a port battle since the new game mechanics...man I miss them though. Magic...back in the day when you didnt need to burn a couple of hundred hours to get 'skilled' in a ship. I miss the old days of this game.
  2. So until I can be something other than cannon fodder, what else am I supposed to do other than missions? Grinding hour after hour after hour trying to learn the ship skills so I can be competitive in PVP is killing the game for me, not the missions killing PVP.
  3. As it is now, only the few players with the best ships get in to port battles and the rest of us end up being locked out. If it were up to me, you could have a port battle after a port battle after a port battle and I think it would be great. However, I would have a port defense counter that goes up or down depending on whether the defender won (goes up) or the attacker won (goes down). When the port defense value is 1,0, or -1, the port becomes neutral. The nation that drives it to -2 (could be a different nation than the one that drove it to 1 or less) takes the port. Lots of battles that way, and if there was even a 2 1/2 hour cool down, would be at least a 1 day affair to actually flip the port (port defense value would NOT be reset each day, but would remain at its last value before the daily maintenance). Never going to happen, but thats what I would do. Then need to have a way to drive the defense back up during days it wasn't attacked...so, ok, maybe the value goes up 1 each day it isn't attacked. All times of day would be a good time to attack or defend a port that way, and it would be the cumulative effect that causes the port to change sides or not.
  4. "Burn her, sink her, or take her a prize..." I don't care if the ship isn't that good, but that's how it was done back in the day, both pirates and navy vessel commanders yearned for capturing a big ship to make their careers. You've killed a major component of hisotrical paly in mind.
  5. Bring them back please. People are resorting to making ad hoc alliances now as it is, both to avoid PVP while rebuilding ships, and to have PVP when ready. Might as well have an official way to do this, as it causes a lot of hate and discontent if you accidentally attack someone you're not supposed to...even though you didn't know...
  6. I'd love to be able to post a meaningful message here. I 'hear' they're great, but with the restrictions, and long lead times, and taking a whole region at a time, only the players with the best ships for the battle get in, and the rest of us end up fighting screening battles. Port battles were my absolute favorite part of this game, now...take them out entirely for all I care. IF all can't have a chance to take part at some point, get rid of it. Not to worry everyone, Dev's arent going to listen to me, and I play less and less and less anymore so you can rage at my comment all you want, I'll never get into a port battle at this rate, and I hate it.
  7. Yeah, pretty much everything since the land in port battles change. I keep coming back/playing cause I keep hoping some of the issues will be reversed so the game can be fun again... So, details: 1 Dura ships are supposed to be less of a cost than the old 5 dura ones..., and upgrades are gone because they cost more than the ships themselves. So now, cannons cost more than the ships, and having to constantly craft hull, and to a lesser extent rig repairs, the repair costs are multiples of the ships value. Large nations have ports where you can craft labor hours! The rest of us (that craft) often find ourselves limited by our hours...well, that used to be the case, now it costs so much to craft the resource, I basically don't have enough money to get the maximum amount out of my level two forests (that's finally changing, but look how long the most recent patch is out now?). Small nations are too labor/resource limited to be really competitive. Pirates have perks, their perks have no limits, and they pay no costs. Yes Pirate ships were faster than their counterparts, but that was because they hauled them up on the beach, by hand, at high tide, and cleaned first one side of the ship, then next high tide, they'd put the ship on the other side and clean the side that had been on the beach the first time. Can you imagine doing that with a larger ship? Nope, given they didn't have government backed shipyards and foundries, their larger ships would have been slower than the equivalent navy ships. And, again historical record, their broadsides were a bunch of mis-matched guns, so no matter how good their gunnery skills, their broadsides wouldnt have been as effective, but their boarding and sharpshooting skills were excellent (and that would stay the same regardless of ship class). Basically pirates are an exploit class of players by game design. Only downside they have had is not being able to be in official alliances, but, politics have been removed from the game for now, so, yeah, pirates as such, as designed are an annoyance. TOO MUCH GRINDING. 1600 plus hours, level 50 crafter, and I'm grinding hour after hour trying to get ship skills, and the larger the ship the longer the number of hours required. Which leads to my biggest annoyance... PORT BATTLES....since adding land to port battles I have yet to be able to take part in one. Pre-wipe, pre-land days I fought in several, sometimes more than one in a night, and they were a blast. Now that 1 battle takes a whole region, and the long timers between when the battle is announced and when it happens, only a few of the top players out of all players seem to get to enter in. Either you get tagged by the screening fleet, or your own side wants you to stay out if you're not in the largest ship and have all the perks. MAYBE, NEAR YEARS END I"LL BE THERE????????????????????????????? Insert about a page of negative comments here, go away for 5 minutes and resume reading, and you probably still won't fully appreciate how annoying this point is for me. I only keep coming back to see if the dev's go back and let us have open port battles again. True, there were battles which went un-opposed, but we also used to be able to buy several flags at once and keep the other side (or the other side kept us) guessing and that was part of the fun. And you used to be able to retake the port the next day, yes there were issues with the old system, but the current system is horribly worse. Did I mention too much grinding? Resource allocation--there needs to be sufficient resources for every nation in the game near their capitols. If you're going to let some ports craft labor hours, then that perk should to go to the smaller nations (but if all can't have 1 port with that ability, I'd take it out of the game). If you can't see your way to giving small nations sufficient resources at the game start, probably shouldnt even include them in the game. TOO MANY BUGS! I didn't have that many bug experiences previously, now I've lost 2 ships due to a bug where locking one broadside locks all guns (select port guns, hit F5, R shows up on the selected guns, but NO GUNS LOAD, all guns are locked! Lots of available crew, guns are active, I didn't hit F7 by accident, only one set of guns have an R, but NO Guns, not, would load until I released the 1 group, but I didn't have enough men to man all guns at that time, so very slow reloads and I got blasted out of the water in a contest that I had been winning). Had some other minor issues, but I've lost 2 ships now to this one, and yeah, as Pad said above, I find myself quitting for a week or 2 (or more) at a time hoping to come back and find things have improved. Did I mention TOO MUCH GRINDING? And Port battles?! I went to PVE for a while, but guess what, ship skills on 1 server don't transfer to the others, if you switch servers, have to grind all over again. Is there a limit on the number of players the game can support? Maybe getting us older players to quit allows newer players to buy and get in the game? Nah, I don't know, game takes too much time, and too little fun for way too much effort. Will you re-relese the game in it's older version self? Leave in the land in port, but otherwise take things back 12 months? I'd love to play that game again. Just saying.
  8. Uilleam

    Mega Patch 10.0

    Agreed Brog, just what I'm doing now. Got to find something that is more enjoyable, and less frustrating. Uilleam
  9. Uilleam

    Mega Patch 10.0

    Large clans,large nations, and players with multiple alternate accounts...if you're not one of the above, seems you're out of luck in this game. Uileam
  10. Uilleam

    Mega Patch 10.0

    Well, kept playing over the last 1-2 months, wanted to keep in practice for when the new patch came out. Even tried the test bed server (lasted about 4 hours there and gave up--too many bugs, exited Charleston USA and ended up at the bottom of the map in French territory and just gave up, couldnt stomach the time it was going to take to sail all the way back. So far in the current patch--ai ships sailing through land, missions where the crossed swords are on land, materialized on shore after the battle, sailed through the land to return to the sea. Not a very impressive set of visuals... Today, the mid ship missions are bugged, always end up facing 6th rate ships in my basic cutter. Can't get out of the damned basic cutter as I can't do enough PVE missions due to being outclassed. Sailed several hours to join up with allied players to attack ai enemy fleets....no pve points, no gold, nothing....basic cutter was too small to be effective, so huge waste of time today. Tried crafting and selling goods....yep, I suck as a trader. Lost most of my money. Can't use the larger redeemable ships as I can't pay for the cannons.... So, too many bugs, too much wasted time, too little reward for the grinding effort. NOT A FUN Game anymore. A damn waste and a damn shame as it could be a great game, but I just can't stand wasting anymore time on it. Uilleam
  11. Ok, attacked and defeated a Spanish LGV, then surrendered...ended up at La Desirade, and...no option to return to Charleston. That was "fun". I see how at least some of the mechanics will work, but, test server is just way too full of bugs. Even that battle, the reporter was on for some reason. I'll go back to waiting for the wipe, if it ever comes. Best of luck to everyone else. Uilleam
  12. I did. Nearest deep water port would be a free port. Hopefully the developers will be so kind as to move me back to Charleston. Otherwise, not going to be a fun journey to get back to charleston, since I just started on this server, have no upgrades, etc. Oh well, this is what testing is for right? Uilleam.
  13. Nearest deep water friendly port?? (I hope). I'm on the opposite side of the map from the port I was at.
  14. Ok, decided I would try the test bed... Initially, things seemed to be working ok. I 'captured" a traders brig, but of course I couldn't keep it, but no goods to collect either. On returning to port, nothing available to buy, not resources, or cannons, nothing at all. So reloaded the game and shop worked correctly. Bought a bigger ship, put cannons on it, and exited to open world from Charleston. Found myself surrounded by french ships, at Grand Anse. yep, the game loaded me into the Dominica county area from Charleston! Currently out in the middle of nowhere, waiting for the 2 hour countdown timer to hit zero so I can TP back to Charleston. Not a good start to the test bed server for me. Uilleam.
  15. In addition to the comments above, was very depressing going back to PVP 2 and breaking up ships...I remember this one was given to me by someone on a certain occasion, or that one was one I used in a particularly fun port battle, or that one is down to 3 dura as I was sunk on this or that occasion...so there were memories associated with a lot of those ships. Sad day to have to break them up... Uillam.
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