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  1. Hi, thank you for putting up this thread. 1600 hours plus in the game, Rear Admiral Rank, level 50 crafter... Magic moments, many in fact...the first time I saw a ship blow up in combat. The time the ai ships I was fighting all glitched and ran themselves up on the land. The last one was the hardest to sink as it was up so high I had to find the right spot to shoot at it from. First time I saw a mast come down. First time I successfully captured an enemy ship, first time I captured an enemy players ship. First time I blew up a tower in a port battle. First time I capped a tower
  2. In addition to the comments above, was very depressing going back to PVP 2 and breaking up ships...I remember this one was given to me by someone on a certain occasion, or that one was one I used in a particularly fun port battle, or that one is down to 3 dura as I was sunk on this or that occasion...so there were memories associated with a lot of those ships. Sad day to have to break them up... Uillam.
  3. I switched to PVP 1 after I lost a ship in a battle between US and Pirates. US had 15 ships, pirates had 10. Pirates sunk 5 ships with no losses at all. In my case, there was a pirate L'Ocean, which sailed faster than my ship, and sailed up to me, blew me out of the water with little or no damage taken by the L'Ocean. From that point to now, I have no desire to play against pirates in this game and that was the reason for switching servers. A) No ship that big and heavy should be faster than the ship I was in, B ) Pirates would NEVER have that large of a ship in the first place, C) Pirate
  4. I'm ok with ships having only 1 dura, and from what I understand of the skills being implemented, that also sounds good, but, if you restrict opportunities to acquire ship building materials, you will see the situation develop where players won't want to risk their ships in combat due to difficulty in replacing. I used to play a game where the server would reset when victory conditions were met (would take 2-4 months), it would take a few days to a week to build up to the largest available ship, and once at top rank, it would only take a day or two have the ability to replace the ship within
  5. Just wondering if there could be an option to do a port battle the way you can do a mission now? Wouldnt be anything to affect the map, would happen when enough people signed onto it? Cause, I haven't been able to get into a port battle now for like 3 months. I'd like to see one before I quit the game completely, (I'm only coming on now to do some crafting for friends). This weekend there was a PB, but Nation chat was full of comments about not joining if you don't have a first rate...just now today crafted my first 1st rate on the PVP1 server, so, didn't go to the battle as I wouldn't hav
  6. I understand your comments Mr. Doomed, but, you overlooked that those who had access to ships were buying ships, not building them, and warships were not sold unless you had a letter of marque, which pirates wouldn't have, ALTHOUGH, some who had such letters were later deemed to be pirates either as a result of actions they took or changes in politics. So, yes, you can make a good argument they would have had some access, but they wouldn't be able to freely get larger military ships, or cannons. Also, agreed, common crew members had some chance at being unknown,however captains would be like
  7. The game comes across as very realistic, and each update seems to make it even more so. There are some things that jar (and feel more out of place after each update), as they just don't fit, like "clans" instead of "Fleets", or being able to sail by a huge enemy AI fleet with impunity as it never attacks on its own initiative. The way the pirates are now is the same, it just doesn't come across as quite being as realistic as the rest of the game. I have some ideas for pirate benefits, as well as some liabilities that would, I think, (hope) still keep pirates as a faction that people will
  8. Hello, I would like to suggest that when the game does launch, some tweaks be made with regard to the starting map(s), plus a couple of other ideas. Map: All nations have equal access to resources to build ships from the start (or all have the same number of resources unavailable). Bring back the ability to 'see' what each port produces and consumes by hovering the cursor over the port (currently can see what ports produce and what ports have an item available, but can't see what the port produces at a glance). Would rather see all ports be captured one by one in a region than the winner
  9. Server wipes... I used to play a game that had a definite end point....when one side had more than 50% of the territory or economic resources, that side was declared the winner and the server reset. Everyone started from scratch again. In that game it only took a couple of weeks to max out on rank. I wouldn't mind if there was something similar with this game, but since it takes so long to rank up,i think keeping some portion of your skills/ rank would make sense. But, my understanding is the developers want the servers to go on indefinitely. I don't think this will work as eventuall
  10. I really like this game, I like the ships, the map, sounds, but... A freindly port is captured....I can't even try to retake it for 2 days, bit the enemy can use it to attack deeper into freindly territory as soon as the server resets.... Greetings towns aren't neutral territory for trading, they're invincible military bases, only you can't build anything there but shipyards... I'd like to do more PvP, but, if I win the battle, I get attacked by multiple enemy ships, also, no telling if my opponent has the perk that prevents me from leaving. I beleive knowing when to try to escape is part
  11. I like the idea of a heat map, maybe a red dot where battles occurred yesterday, fading to yellow after 2 days, then white afterc3 days, then gone after 4? An option for paying a bribe then for more details would be nice, with a limited chance of getting some Intel on the days battles. There were comments on different play styles (PvP versus trading, versus crafting). I created a thread about possible victory conditions and I think the ideas/ viewpoints mentioned here would or could be helpful on that thread also.
  12. How to keep the most populous nation from winning by default? Given the progress towards the victory condition(s) are displayed and so therefore known to all, the other nations would have an incentive to team up against the leading nation. Depending on which condition the leading nation is leading on would change the what the counter strategy would be. How to balance the restart? I hadn't considered this question...I was thinking the game would start over from scratch in terms of ships and resources, with some portion or percentage of XP and crafting skills being carried over from the pre
  13. I see a lot of comments, both pro an con, about different behaviors, plus terms being used like "seal clubbing", and "banking". I think some of the criticism would be resolved with known victory conditions...that which brings your nation closer to victory is good, and that this does not is bad. So, some possibilities: When one nation controls X per cent of all ports. The first nation to reach a milestone for economic growth (either in tons of goods traded, or number or percent of players above a certain wealth criteria. The first nation to sink a total amount of enemy ships (either by ton
  14. Instead of a prolonged cool down, consider port battles in terms of the impact they would have. My suggestion is that the local population would be loyal to their homeland, and would only change allegiance slowly, so initially 100% loyal, but each time an enemy fleet defeats the port defenses, loyalty decreases say 36%, when defenders win, loyaltyvgoes back up 36% to a max of 100%. It would take 3 successful battles to make the port neutral, the next successful attack would flip the port to the attackers nation. The numbers could be different, just suggesting an initial idea. Ships store
  15. Variable wind conditions would add a lot, as you would need to take the weather into consideration more. Historical battles were sometimes lost or won due to changes in the wind. A storm moving across the sea could provide a situation where you have to react appropriately or possibly sink or take damage. Sailors of the day had to fight against the weather to survive. Please don't add chasers if the ship didn't have them, as the ships were designed the way they were for a good reason...balance/ weight, costs, usefulness, etc.
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