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  1. I think this can be a perfect book like loki and logbook (find in PvP battle OW) with a limited time effects like 10-15 minute
  2. no damage on pumps and the combination fir teak don't have a leak resistance bonus from teak plankng? fir fir have a malus, but fir teak i remember no
  3. 32 pounder guns (wasa broadside) i depower for reduce speed (close hauled ), no leaks reduction during the sinking time and survival enable, never noting this before. something change in the last week?
  4. Dear Devs, my endymion sinking fast and i can't do nothing with only 8 leaks, side with more than half life and hull full, survival was enable. it was a very good endymion fir/teak very fast navy hull, copper plating, improved sextant PB sailing 4 hull 4 mast 3 crew 3 thanks and sorry for my poor english
  5. -more 74 ship of the line, the core of naval action in the period of the game -more 18 pd good frigates -reduce all cannon accuracy (we have sniper rifle not cannon atm) -add the possibility to load different type of ammo on the upper deck (ball on the main deck and grape on the top beofre boarding for example) -add more options for marines, now they sleep until the boarding, set a double command for it: help other crew on cannon /fire musket, i think marines must be a must have on navy ships -add musket fire effects when two ship are at close range (100m?) -add more tactic and imm
  6. @Tom Farseer I agree with you. Damage reduction make battle more long without others differences. And another way to do it and increase the realism, for me is reduciton all cannon accuracy, we have sniper rifles now.
  7. After your reflections, i think the current sextant perk can remain for player that don't want problems and i think is correct that this comfort must be paid in terms of perk point. But my idea was for when the devs remove F11 coordinates and trader tool. I think the players that don't want use the magic perk and see GPS position on the map must have something (possibly historically correct) to see at certain conditions their position. Twelve o'clock ship point is my idea, or the mini-game proposed by @Slim McSauce
  8. Hello there, I would like to propose an idea. I don't like the current magic sextant perk that show the position of your ship in every moment, take off the romance of determine the position with triangulation. But historically, ships at twelve o'clock, in the period of this game can use sextant to determine their position. My proposal is to show on the map the position of the ship only at twelve o'clock, not of the real life time but ingame time obviously. I think it can be a good compromise. Sorry for my poor english. Good wind to all
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