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  1. Hello everyone, as a game about "ships" from which to take some ideas I would also recommend Silent Hunter, very realistic. On Sh5, you can talk to your crew, move inside your boat, etc. etc. You have a fair reward system and small updates (historical things, of course) on your boat, but that don't run counter to realism.
  2. If you want try to be a pilot (virtual pilot) don't play at WT, maybe try with Il2 or DCS. For the WWI, Rise of Flight is really good in physic.
  3. Yeah, true. But in a air-sim the performance is based on real values. In Naval Action, it is based on magic-bonuses-nonsense. This is the main difference. NA is really far to be realistic, it is a fantasy-clans game, where you can imagine moving a ship.
  4. Bonuses are bonuses. I know that players of these type of games want bonuses. Bonuses on bonuses. Maybe because they suck, not sure...
  5. You confuse the desire of the bonus with the customization. I also like customization, skins, figureheads, crew. All things that NA hasn't for now. I repeat not confuse the bonuses (magic things) with the customization.
  6. Is not possible and maybe easer remove all bonuses? No upgrades only a "ship setting".
  7. In my opinion, remove missions, remove AIs, remove slots, remove upgrades (bonuses).
  8. 3 min timer is really too much; and ships not spawn like they are in OW. This meccanism is good for ganking/players that don't are particularly able...
  9. ROE (double circle) and exit to OW (tp on port or add more invisiblity) remove combat marks and conquest marks remove all bonuses/upgrades. Do the posibility to set ships in a rational mode.
  10. The only difficult thing in this game is not to get bored and not to turn it off forever. For 80% of the time people waste it fighting AI and hoping to win magical bonuses. The rest of the time, however, is spent sitting at a point in the OW to wait (revenge fleet) for the few remaining hunters.
  11. Yeah, i hope in a NA legends with historical scenarios. This does not detract from the fact that the present NA has worsened, becoming almost unplayable and very boring. Just get some things from the previous patches to make it good again.
  12. Considering that NA has three servers at the time, separating pve-server from pvp-servers, it seems that something has gone wrong in the last patch. On pvp server pratically does not exist pvp, why? everything moves with combat marks, which are easily done with pve drop bonus from bots unlock slots for our ships doing a lot of money with pve not doing money with pvp, rather losing money less traders pve move out people from OW There are other causes, secondary and perhaps less obvious regarding the current ROE and exiti in OW, which prompted the players to move in large clans and to make revenge Fleets. The system is totally broken. To today, I don't think there are many reasons to play NA in this state, if not to waste time. I think it requires a new patch to fix this situation as soon as possible. You could just pick up some aspects of the pre-wipe (no marks, craftable upgrades, more trading, etc) My idea is even more radical, take away all AIs and missions, so to force players to fight themselves (the original intent of this game). Obviously the attrition system for the Port Battles should be totally rethought. Let's face it, NA's beautiful is the combat...
  13. Honestly i do not like the idea of creating an artificial zone for pvp.
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