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  1. C'est vrai que ca commence à faire long. Après entant que développeur, je comprend très bien qu'on puisse ne pas être dans les temps. On sous-estime souvent le temps que peuvent prendre certaines choses à développer. J'imagine qu'ils ont des raisons serieuses de reporter le patch. Il n'est pas concevable de deployer quelque chose d'incomplet. Si ils pensent faire la suprise de devoiler une nouvelle UI par exemple, j'imagine qu'ils veulent être sur que ce soit terminé (pas forcement exempt de bug, mais complet) et cela peut induire des retards. Par contre en effet, on est sur une béta et on est tous à même de comprendre ces retards, un message d'information "Patch reporté d'un mois" ça ne coute rien et on ira pas leur gueuler dessus. Ensuite, on peut quand même les encourager, car le travail qu'ils font à une dizaine de personne est impressionnant. Pour leur défense en général, 80% d'un projet se fait en 20% de temps et les 20% restant prennent 80% du temps. Autrement dit, ne croyez pas que le jeu sorte dans les délais qu'ils ont pu avancer.
  2. Or, look at my exploration mechanic proposition here http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/18940-exploration-mechanic-proposition/ Fishing becomes necessary to prepare expedition. So, a nation needs to have fishermen in its ranks to get enough food to be ready for exploration. Moreover, fish and foods should have an expiration date ?
  3. I like the idea that exploration is beneficial to a nation rather than just a player. Nation/guild needs to get confirmed explorers in his ranks. A nation must always be ready to launch an expedition with his best explorers if an exploration event occurs. So a nation needs to get foods and scientist crew in stock for his sailors because an expedition event require lot of foods and crew. This increase the necessary of trading. And if the national expedition group is not ready, a nation can create an interception fleet. I love this interaction between nation.
  4. I think that new feature can help the game to find other players. Lot of user think that PVE has no place in NA because it's a PVP game. Of course NA is a PVP game, but why did devs introduce OW, trader, economic system and craft in the game if people wants only fight each other. It's a sandbox not only a PVP game. A simple "Start fighting" button was enough for PVP like a counter-strike party. Now there are lot of ressource for trading but it's just optionnal for PVP players. My exploration proposition add content for PVE player and of course for PVP player too. The National Exploration Event create a new conflict area for players. So I think this PVE feature is also a PVP feature.
  5. Ahoy! fellow captains ! Here are a few propositions for Exploration : First of all, a new XP with new progression called "explorer XP" to get new rank or "explorer level" like the current level and grade but for exploration. - New exploration mission from admiralty according to player explorer level - Prepare food supply depending exploration duration (there is a minimum required according to the rank of the mission). - Hire specific crew (scientist, doctor and cook) (there is a minimum required according to the rank of the mission). - Expedition will be more easy and profitable if you create a group with different ship (trader ship to bringing back ressources and holding food + combat ship for protection, shallow ship for shallow area) - The expedition is shared with the members of the group even if they don't have the required explorer level. They can't take a big exploration from admiralty but they can help a good explorer. - Sails to mission point on map, (like current mission but with new symbol). - Travel map is loaded instead of loading screen for more immersion. (animated dotted line) - Player enter in instanciate zone, the map is partially hidden at the biginning and will be discovered during your navigation (fog of war). - Player can stay in this instanciate zone as long as he has food supply on board. Food decrease during the exploration. (The food is shared with group member) - During his exploration, player can found some area (town, reef, ark, waterfall, lighthouse, etc. on the coast or on river). (there is a circle surrounding this point of interest) - He can stay in this circle during some seconds (circle loading) to trigger a discovery. - Discovery is like a loot after a fight. There are diffents discovery type and it's partially random. - Historical artefact (can be sold for lot of gold) - Rare material (for crafter) - Pets (collection card, can be sold) - AI Pirates can attack you during your expedition (so you probably need a protection ship, trader ship alone is risky) - Exploration is ending when player has no more food on board or if he decides to leave the instanciate zone or if pirate beat him) - He gain explorer XP and gold according to its discoveries, the purcentage of map discovered, and fight won. To sum up : - New XP with new progression, explorer levels. Sailing through the carribean gives explorer XP instead of normal XP - Exploration mission need preparation (food, crew, and group) - Instanciate map can be made by procedural generation or not. - New environment with new fauna and flora (ice, sand, cliff, jungle) and building. Caribbean is beautiful but new lands will be great and contemplative for PVE player. - New group gameplay (some can fight and protect his friend, other can explore reef and store discoveries, and another with shallow ship can explore inaccessible zone) - New items : - Historical artefact (can be sold for lot of gold) - Pet collection with common, uncommun and rare animals to add a collection dimension (no balance needed, pvp is not impacted) - Rare material could be found (trader ship required to bring back all the materials) This material can be used by crafter to craft exceptionnal ship (maybe for 1st, 2nd and 3th rates ships to reduce their number and make them more rare and exceptional) or new customization stuff (paint, stern, figurehead) We can imagine exploration event with big national fleet required. As soon as a national exploration fleet enter in the exploration instance. The instance is closed for other nation. Exploration instance are rare and discovery can be extremely interesting. Exploration event could give a national bonus for a period ? (not sure ;)) Moreover, other nation can create an interception fleet to fight returning expedition. It could be a new PVP area with lot of interaction, lot of different ships not like Port battle. If you have idea for the explorer title/grade/rank ! I'm waiting your feedback !
  6. I would like to see : 1) Captain’s logbook with character information (ship, avatar, achievements, honorific title) visible in open world 2) Talent tree or something like that to offers differents gameplay (fighting, trading, crafting, exploring) 3) Secret and hidden zone and exploration mission 4) Ship painting. For exemple, the renommee is currently blue red and yellow. I would prefer this color. It will be good to differenciate players 5) soundscape, sound feeback (during crafting etc.) 6) Animals species (Pet) collection findable during land exploration
  7. In fact my english is not good enough to explain my opinion. I don't want to say that balance is a fake issue in pvp. It's the main issue and everybody knows that. I would like to say that talent tree is not uncompatible with pvp. If the talents does not affect the character power during pvp fight, there is no problem. I just want a talent tree or something like that to add pve element and add diversity in pvp fight. I hope i am clear
  8. I think that the balance issue is a "fake" issue.For sure, it is a pvp problem. But if I want to play PVP, I chose Battle branch and all players have the same branch so the same ship and talent. Trader or Explorer branches are not for fighting so it's normal if I lose a fight. It's already the case, I can't win against a third rate with my trader brig. As I said, all talents are just suggestions, you can propose other skill or reduce significatly the value of bonus. 0.1% instead of 1%. It was just exemple. Profession's ship proposition are just a goal to reward a player. But yes all ships are in wrong period. It's just because they are beautifull. In fact, I want to diversify the gameplay. Sink ship again and again is not fun and lot of people quit the game after few month because it's repetitive. To clarify my suggestions. I propose 5 archetypes of gameplay : - Battle is the current gameplay (sink ship and pvp fighting) - Trading is for player who want to play with the economy of the game. (not just sail on trader ship) - Crafting is for player who want to craft unique item to help his nation with better ships. - Explore. It's for PVE player who want to sail in open world with goal to discover some hidden secret and help Nation without fighting. Bring back precious wood to craft best ship. - Scout is a gamplay to help nation before a nation fight. When a nation decide to take a port, the other nation chat ask "WHERE ARE THEY ?" to prepare defense. Scout are here to win a fight before it starts. I would like to explore the OW but currently I take a mission and kill ship again and again. Fighting is fun but it will not be enough for me. The last patch is good but for me the crew management is an adjustment, not a feature and it's not a renewal. @William the Drake, I need to read your post thanks a lot.
  9. Ahoy! fellow captains ! Here are a few suggestions to add some RPG elements to Naval Action Gameplay through the addition of character sheets, a talent tree and other minor changes. The main idea behind this proposition is to encourage player to specialize in a variety of gameplays going from trading, exploring, crafting, scouting and of course fighting ! I have been working on this with a friend, we are both quite new to the game so maybe some of the propositions are not suited for end-game gameplay. Also keep in mind that the numerical values that are mentioned are only here to serve as indications. First a few changes to the actual game : Boat position : When the game starts the player is not able to get his position on the map, however going through the explorer tree allows him position himself with better and better accuracy (think of using sextants, better compass,...) Days at sea are limited by default : (< 10 days) Crew diminishes by 10% every additional day, if the number drops to 0 then the ship is lost and the player is teleported back to the nearest outpost. Fog of war : By default seas are uncharted for new players (they may have the local map around their starting area). Meteorological events : Cyclones, hurricanes may randomly appear damaging the ship and diminishing the crew by 10%. They can be seens and avoided and especially by player having the meteorologist talent (see below). If you hire a battle in a hurricane area, the fight will take place on a storm map. Recruiting crew : It is necessary to recruit crew members in ports in order to replace the ones lost at sea. Port fortification : You can increase your port defense with fortification building. A fortified port is hard to capture but requires a resource supply to remain active. Trader should import resource to keep it functional. Mission type : Several types of missions could be available like sink or capture ship escort flee mission attack a fortified island win a boarding battle and get ressources Bring a commodity in a port Explore zone (navigate on a river or through the reefs to discover 100% of the instanced map, pirates can attack you during your expedition) (explore mission) Hidden and secret zones : Building (temple etc.) or secret places (waterfall, ark, etc.) are hidden in open world lands. Player can find them and discover artefacts in these places. Keep your eyes open when you sail near the coast. Charisma : The charisma of the captain allows to decrease the crew number required to sail a ship It decreases the cost of crew and officers and increase their efficiency. The charisma is improved by pets or ship customization. (more on this below) Achievements : Lot of achievements can be possible. Battle achievement like number of damage on ship, on building, number of kill, assist etc. Explorer achievement like number of hidden zone discovered etc. Crafter achievement like number of craft, number of blueprint etc. Trader achievement like accumulated gold etc. Pets : Exotic animals increase the player’s charisma. They are sold in town by the explorer who discovered them during their exploration. Example of pet : Parrot, monkey, spider, rat, dog, cat, etc. Now the captain’s logbook (aka the character sheet). We’ve been thinking of three tabs. Character tab : Avatar : Generated at the character creation Levels : We have thought of 21 levels each one giving a talent point that can be invested in the talent tree presented below. Controlled ships Charisma Talent tree : Battle Craft Explore Trade Scout Feats of Strength : Character history Achievements Pets (more on this below) The talent tree : We have thought of 5 specializations available to the player each one giving bonus to a specific gameplay : Battle, Craft, Trade, Explore and Scout. Each specialization is divided into 5 Tiers. The first one is accessible to every player but to access a superior tier the player has to unlock the previous tier plus 4 additional points. That is to unlock Tier 2 the player has to put 4 points into tier 1 to unlock it. Only a player that puts each and every one of his 21 points in one branch can expect to unlock tier 5. Talent tree can be reset for 100 000 gold. Battle If you wish to inspire fear into the heart of your foes, that is the branch for you. Every talent is designed to make your ships more deadly and to increase its damage and resistance in the midst of battle. Battle damage : Increase damage done by X% Resistance : Increase ship resistance by X% Commandement : Increase crew efficiency by X% Boarding efficiency : Increase boarding efficiency by X% Destroy : Increase building damage done by 5% Booty: Increase chance to find material or update by 5% Crew armor : Increase the crew resistance by 10% Cannon master : Increase the cannon number by 5% Battle ship : Unlock the Sovereign of the Seas Craft If you want to become a naval architect to create best ships or best updates. This branch is for you. Every talent increase your crafting skill and allows the specialized crafter to create unique figurehead and stern. Optimize : Decrease material number needed to craft by X% Recycle : Increase number of material recovered after break up by X% Labor efficiency : Decrease the labor hour needed to craft by X% Labor recovery : Increase number of labor hour recovery by day by X% Rigor : Increase chance to find blueprint by 10% Durability : Increase your crafted ship durability to 8 Custom craft : Player can craft a figurehead and stern to “pimp” his ship (new PB) Custom figurehead and stern increase charisma by X% (depend quality) Cabinetmaker : Increase number of available update slot by 2 on your crafted ship Crafter ship : Unlock the Vasa Trading If you want to become rich and famous as the East India Company and if for you, gold must be obtained (more or less) honestly. This branch is for you. All talents are design to save money and time. Dealer : Increase your selling price by X% Negotiate : Decrease your buying price by X% Navigation : Increase ship speed by X% in OW Hold: Increase ship’s hold size by X% Celerity : Decrease teleportation cooldown to 1h Building : Increase your production building efficiency by 10% Trading post: Outpost limit increased by 5 and outpost price reduced by 20% Ubiquity : You can teleport to your outposts Trader ship : Unlock the Batavia Exploration If you want to discover the secrets and the Caribbean , bringing back rare artifacts or creatures of your long journey. If you want to discover new lands or leave your name in the history books. New gameplay is available for explorer. You could travel through the caribbean alone or with other explorer to discover the Naval Action map. Sail beyond the horizon. Medicine : Increase number of days at sea possible by X Astrology : Increase map positioning efficiency by X% Archeology : Increase chance to find rare artifacts during your explore mission or in a secret zone by X% Discovery : Increase chance to find rare materials during your explore mission or in a secret zone by X% Meteorology : Player can see storm on map Treasure : Increase price of artefact by 50% Biology : Increase chance to find animal species during your explore mission or in a secret zone by 10% Sharing knowledge : Group member has the same medicine, astrology, Archeology and Discovery bonus Explorer ship : Unlock La Boussole and l'Astrolabe Rare materials and rare artifacts are required for high level craft. Scout Naval action is a conquest game. To increase his chances of victory, a strategist must know his enemy. The best way to take advantage is to scout the enemy floats and find weaknesses in the enemy’s defense Agility : Increase gyration by X% Speed : Increase combat speed by X% Approach : Decrease range at which you can be targeted in open world by X% Escape : Decrease time to flee battle by X% Sneak : Place a spy on a ship, allows to know the position of the ship for 1 hour (3h cooldown) Trickery : Pretends to be an enemy ship in the eyes of opponents for 1 hour (3h cooldown) Precision : Increase chance to damage rudder by 10% Thief : Steal a random hold item in the targeted ship in OW. (3h cooldown) Scout ship : Unlock Le requin Profession’s ship : The Sovereign of the Seas (battle) Ships in the Sovereign of the Seas group gain “increase damage done by 1%”. 102 cannons The Vasa (craft) Ships in the Vasa’s group gain “increase repair kit efficiency by 10%”. 48 cannons The Batavia (trade) Ships in the Batavia’s group gain “increase ship speed by 5%”. 24 cannons The Boussole (explore) Ships in the Boussole’s group gain “increase chance to find rare artefacts by 5%” 12 cannons The Astrolabe (explore) Ships in the Astrolabe’s group gain “increase chance to find rare materials by 5%” 16 cannons If the Boussole and the Astrolabe are in the same group, the group gain “increase chance to find exotic animals by 50%”. The Shark (Scout) Super fast and maneuverable boat, it has 5 combat marine mines by fight. (cooldown 3min between 2 mines) 24 cannons So it was just suggestions. I am not satisfied with all talents but I think that you can have better ideas than mine. I'm waiting your feedback.
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