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  1. Exact same thing here. Took on a LGV with my reno, deleted the stern armour, and did about 6 to 8 grape passes at near point blank range. Nothing. Nada. Before the patch a single good rake would take out 100+. Now nothing. Either there's something wrong with 6 and 9 pounders, the Gros Ventre stern armour or grape shot. Or just armour penetration in general, at the moment. My grape was simply bouncing off and dropping in the water.
  2. If no one has supplied you with the list of materials needed for an Indiaman yet, here they are: 15 gold coins 30 medium carriages 40 rudder parts 466 planks 12 tar 10 knees 293 frame parts 18 rigging parts 18 canvas rolls 89 blocks 37 cordage and oakum 54 cables and howsers 61 iron fittings 145 wooden fittings 45 ballast 5 furnishings Requires lvl 2 shipyard & mid-grade notes 2586 xp for building the ship requires 1079 labour hours requires crafting level 35 Unless all this information is provided through the API now .. in which case.. nevermind ;P
  3. Aye. Had the Indiaman BP from the LGV on the first go. 30 medium carriages, 4th rate.
  4. Couldn't you just... click on the ship...?
  5. Resurrecting this thread. Is it time yet to consider this proposal? Other than buying extra port slots, perhaps mothballing is an idea, to store extra ships? Pay a fee to mothball a ship, and when it needs to be taken into service again it costs an hour or two to prepare the ship? Although I honestly don't know whether mothballing Age of Sail ships was an actual thing.
  6. -- ??? Unless you really want to go into semantics and argue that "stop" isn't the same as "reduce". I'm trying to argue the point here that the current system does not stop, battle or reduce ganking. It has in fact made it easier and as such has become more prevalent.
  7. In my experience these new changes don't do anything to stop ganking. In fact, so far I've only seen the gankers being helped by this. A bunch of trincs and renos just gank people right outside Carlisle and KPR. They all form up, see an unfortunate target, attack him and with 20 seconds they're all in. So far, nothing new. People close to the battle see this happening, they didn't get dragged in, so they make their way over. Maybe some can't get just close enough due to wind and whatever, and so they are locked out due to a 2 minute timer. Those that get close jump in. Those that are a bit later will notice the BR is at the limit, so they can't. Those that managed to get in will soon realise it was all for nothing, because they spawn so far away from the action that the gankers are already well on their way to sinking their target! By the time they get close, the gankers will have escaped the battle. They will sit on the battle screen for 15 minutes, grab a cup of coffee, have a snack, wait for the defenders outside to get bored (or perhaps just wait for the wind to become more favourable to run away), they will flee with their invisibility devices and are already well on their way to the next unfortunate target by the time you even see them appear. Combine that with the ability to build an outpost in a free town close to the enemy, and the ability to send ships across the universe by capping traders .. and you have a recipe for easy, accessible ganking. These are my experiences. I personally don't think this is the direction that Naval Action should take. Be careful out there, folks. Don't go off on your own. Always stick with friends.
  8. drama in internetboats aside, it does boggle the mind why the French would attack Britain, get spanked and then cry foul on the forums about it. if it's not fun, then stop doing it. Maybe withdraw, think up some other RP nonsense reason to attack the Dutch or Swedes or something and have some fun with them.
  9. I was right outside, and filled up before I could get a slot. Shame that a cutter with two AI took up 3 slots, but it was won regardless. Apparently it wasn't looking pretty at first, because our side was purely adhoc and lacked good communication. Let's say that the 6 (4? there were 2 AI) pounders of cutters and snows don't particularly weigh up to the cannons of 5th rates and up. If we remove those from the equation, we come to a more even 954 vs 922 guns, if you care about these numbers at all. I'd say that communication and tactics has a bit more influence in these fights. I'm surprised the Brits won this fight.
  10. Personally I don't think this is very nice - cheating a member of your own nation - especially when that person could have used a high quality high end ship for the numerous Port Battles the pirates throw at us, but it is perfectly legal within the confines of the game. It does hurt reputation, though. Perhaps of only those involved, perhaps the clan involved, or perhaps the trust people have for crafters in general. Shrug. Bad for business, tbh. It all comes down to trust at the moment.
  11. How did you verify this information? Saying that "numbers are correct" isn't very convincing
  12. Why would you oppose Quality of Life additions to the game?
  13. HELLO Soggy is looking forward to Sunday's meeting!!
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