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  1. Hi Devs, thanks for the good patch! it has some really nice features. I like it! i have some problems though. Firstly i had 3 gold live oak victorys in the shop. those ships unfortunaly are gone. secondly some of my golden ships are now mastercraft. can you explain or help? `thanks a lot! James A. Gordon
  2. Thanks Sweden! You unbalanced the game. Now you are a danish puppet again!
  3. Well, after the Brits, won against the Swedes in Hispaniola there won't be a lot to fight left for Sweden. Then their game will be "no fight" at all and now "win". Personally I think it was a bad decision.
  4. Right, I think I want a nation for all the German small states then. I think the Holy Roman Empire consisted out of 300 small states. No seriously! We don't need more nations, we need less. We all saw how the Danish demolished the Swedes and the French. They had simply to less players. So we need less nations to balance the game and the player base. For example Sweden and Denmark played a minor role in the Caribbean historically. Without those nations the game would still have a lot of nations to choose from, but it would be more balanced. That is why we don't need Russia or Prussia in this game.
  5. not cool, not fair, if you can't defend a port you shoundn't exploit. you should be prepared to defend or lose the port. is that the game you want to play in?
  6. Here is the new meeting for this weekend: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/10755-british-council/
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, We hereby announce the first British Council meeting. This is a joint effort between AUSEZ and RGL. The British Nation needs a global strategy. Therefore we would like to organize a Council of all British Fleets. This Council would enable us to unite the British Nation and focus on a global common strategy. We invite all British Fleets who are interested in cooperation to join this meeting. British clans that have been invited directly via other means so far are as follow: RGL - Royal German Legion AUSEZ - Australian Colonial Navy SLRN - Sea Lords Royal Navy SINK - Barely Afloat BWITC - British West Indies Trading Company TRR - The Rum Runners SGS - St.Georges Squadron of White SOGGY - Soggy Biscuits Other clans that have been invited, but have unable to get a hold of; in quick notice are as followed: Relic - Relic Gaming RD - Royal Dogs ZEUS - The Zeus Gamming Community DRUNK - Drunken Sailors The meeting will take place in the Teamspeak of the RGL on Sunday, the 21st February 2016 at 9 pm GMT. IP: PW: 0815 To keep the Council well-structured please sent only two representatives of your Fleet. The council will meet every week at time and place above. New British clans are invited and may join the council. Point of contact: Wang (AUSEZ) Sir James Alexander Gordon (RGL) Saintus Gordon Smith (RGL)
  8. We also sailed in Santo Domingo with the SLRN. I hope to repeat those victories in the future!
  9. I think you are completly right! I noticed this as well during a port battle. And it was really anoying and frustrating for the player blockading the port and trying to prevent enemy players from joining!!! You have my support!
  10. Good day sailors, The Royal German Legion [RGL] is a German squadron loyally serving our King. We are currently recruiting players. Our main language is German. Applications under royal-german-legion.de and TS3: Please hail our clan members to request the TS3 Password. God save the King. *More information will follow
  11. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 Is there a workaround for it? Maybe with drivers. because i have direct x 11 installed.
  12. Yes. No problems there. I have really no idea why it does not work.
  13. Hi guys, HI wrote to your admin in the steam forum about this bug/crash. He said you guys could help. My name in Steam is Eras. i start up the game by selecting the first option "play Naval action" in my steam library. then a window appears that says naval action on the top. and after a few seconds a window pos up saying "client.exe does not work anymore. please send a report to windows." I waited now for 10 minutes nothing changed. I have a windows 7 64bit OS. Do you need any Logs? Thanks in advance, Hornblower/Eras
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