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  1. yeah i saw that, well atleast got something then thanks for the info
  2. Ah nevermind, the war server has been reset i see. Sad to see.
  3. i was flag captain or commodere but i lost my ranks to
  4. i logged into the war server. i have always been a pvp player.
  5. Heya After a long time i started up naval action again. I played alot in the past but it seems that my account has been wiped, im jonker again (lowest rank) and lost everything. What happend?
  6. The hunter,John en swieb hielpen even een mede Hollander. Een fransman zat vervelend te zijn, ene John wilde het zo oplossen helaas is hij niet gekanteld maar wel gezonken
  7. I dont think it will add any value to the game except for what is stated above
  8. If that is the case, than i am sorry i didnt knew. I hear diffrent story's thays why i am wondering. Thankyou i coudnt find any information about it how someone qualifies for it.
  9. Great to hear, and glad we have someone that knows a bit how it goes. I am not saying thay they need to share that. but they can atleast show how someone qualifies to become it. A mod does a very important job for the community so i dont think you understand my points that i made in this topic. And i can thrown out everything i want with manners and respect ofcourse. I didnt say that. and if you think that, read again.
  10. I certainly am, but that doesnt mean i can i discus about it and open a topic. And yes i care. i create a topic about it. Just a consumer? Alright.. Thats the concern that only people that know the devs can become a mod. that is unfair for the others. A moderator makes decisions ingame for lets say ban someone. and they do more things for the community. People dont see that it is important to have some transparency here? I am not saying that they dont do a good job, they do a good job. And i dont wanna be a mod by any means. But it concers me.
  11. I understand your point but still i would like to see more transparency about this topic and i think alot of players would like that to.
  12. It should, as what i can see now the most moderators are players that own their own clan or leading a clan. It looks shady in my eyes.
  13. Me and more people are wondering how the people are selected to become admin/moderator on forums and ingame. It doesnt really look that it is fair at the moment. There is no transparacy in how this process is going. And how players are selected or voted. There should be a open application system for this instead of just hand picking players isnt fair and democratic. I want to hear the opinions from normal members how they are thinking about this and if they support my opinion.
  14. I heard that people are switching nations when a nation is more powerfull indeed, but can anyone prove this? I hardly ever saw someone changing nation.
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