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  1. Thanks for the info. The problem was due to a conflict between AVG 2015 internet security and the 2017 version. All's well that ends well. Thanks again.
  2. I have played NA since 04/01/2016 via a Steam account and 1382 hours of gameplay. Cannot enter the game ftm. Shard selection gives a message "Error: shards config request failed" Has anybody a solution? Thanks in advanced
  3. Same problem, unable to connect to PVP1
  4. 8 of 10 times sails are not transparent when entering OW. Even with settings on "low". FPS is OK = 20 and Ping 18 with "high" settings or even customed settings. Transparent sails were OK for 4 months and only recently this problem occurs. I have to switch from port to OW 10-15 times before sails are OK again. Any solution for this problem?,
  5. This is very good news. Awaiting implementation.
  6. Many thanks for the spread sheet with the ship's gun classes. However, what is the differende between the gun classes before and after the slash? On the same gun deck f.i. [8-9]/[8-8] ? Can somebody inform me?
  7. During battle the gunners do a good job. But there is never a helmsman at the ruddder. It would be nice to see a helmsman the ships wheel or rudder.
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