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  1. Yep changed to a Pirate Port. It has been neutral since maybe 3 days ago though. Just noticed; the map sais that Cano Macareo is a shallow Port but ingame it's a deepwater one.
  2. Yesterday I had the desire to cature myself a mercury, this is outcome of it. First battle. Our side had me in my Surprise, a Trincomalee a Cutter and a NavyBrig. Against us we had frogs; 2 Brigs and 2 Mercurys. I in my desire wanted badly to cap one of those Merc's, I actually had one close to board but the wind wasn't on my side in that moment.... I had to turn my attention towards the 2nd Merc, since out Trinco started to board the one immediately afterwards. I've made my approach, got a broadside into it and began to close in for boarding. In the moment I was around 100yards away, ou
  3. Hello fellow captains, my name is Will Laurence of the British Royal Navy and I take the oppertunity to let you take part on my adventures in the carribean sea. At the time of (blog) creation I am in the rank of "Master and Commander" and I got myself a Surprise, so the real beginning of my journey is not in the folowing entries. I will create an entrie explaining those past days in the next days though. What I am going to post are all kinds of things worth mentioning like battles, special encounters well even some talking to different people if worth mentioning. With this in mind this blo
  4. Aight next time I'll handle it as a bug.Thanks for the reply
  5. I just noticed that, after the last 3 battles I've made, I happend to pop up at different locations then the points the battle started, for example I started a fight near Macao (Dominican republic) survived but afterwards happen to be around Frederikssted (Virgin Islands). My question, is this supposed to be? Because I actually wanted to go to Jamaica and I got attacked so I couldn't do anything against the fight. And spawning waaaay back isn't that much fun.
  6. Maybe some benefit for the blocking party like resources or gold. Really efficient and good would it be, if there'll be something like trading between the Factions etc. in some kind. But that's just one more point on the wishlist
  7. Well, that's also something I want, but in my opinion, adding more crew brings a better feeling at the moment then moving guns (which I hope will be implemented later)
  8. I also like the point to see more crew on the ships, maybe at least 1 member per guna and a Captain around the steering wheel would be a small but great start, and it wouldn't affect the fps that much
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