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The beginning (postscript)




Hello fellow captains,

my name is Will Laurence of the British Royal Navy and I take the oppertunity to let you take part on my adventures in the carribean sea.

At the time of (blog) creation I am in the rank of "Master and Commander" and I got myself a Surprise, so the real beginning of my journey is not in the folowing entries. I will create an entrie explaining those past days in the next days though.

What I am going to post are all kinds of things worth mentioning like battles, special encounters well even some talking to different people if worth mentioning.

With this in mind this blog shall bring the readers not only joy in reading but also to the new and maybe even older member of the Royal Navy to get help and insipration for their adventures.

Starting from today, this blog will be regurlary, mostly thrice a week, updated.

Until the next entry,

W. Laurence



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