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Capping a Merc



Yesterday I had the desire to cature myself a mercury, this is outcome of it.

First battle.

Our side had me in my Surprise, a Trincomalee a Cutter and a NavyBrig.

Against us we had frogs; 2 Brigs and 2 Mercurys.

I in my desire wanted badly to cap one of those Merc's, I actually had one close to board but the wind wasn't on my side in that moment....

I had to turn my attention towards the 2nd Merc, since out Trinco started to board the one immediately afterwards.

I've made my approach, got a broadside into it and began to close in for boarding. In the moment I was around 100yards away, our Navy shot a broadside into the Merc aswell. No big deal one would assume. But the Navys gunner were so good, that the Merc catched fire and I turned harshly away from it. Only moments later it was destroyed by a devasting explosion.

In my anger I turned my fulll attention to those two remaining Brigs, which sunk quite fast.

I did not manage to capture myself a Merc, but fortunately in a battle only minutes later a fellow Captian helped me capture the Merc we were facing. After all, I finally got to my Merc.

In the end it was quite a good day, giving them frenchies a (light) blue eye ;)

Until next time,

W. Laurence

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Thanks for the picture of the exploding mercury. I have seen a few videos where participants discussed the possibility of letting their ship explode, if it were to catch fire in a close fleet battle, but your's was the first confirmed image of the event I have seen. Good thing, you weren't boarding it!

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