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  1. A lot of people seem to wonder how we can prevent ganking and seal clubbing, as in physically stopping it via BR limits or other draconian measures. The better question is why people behave that way to begin with and I think the answer is that for the most part it's just that those are the fights that are the easiest to find and most consistently rewarding. I'm a veteran in a veteran group and we spot your group of veterans. In a perfect game, we should want to fight because [INSERT DISTINCT STRATEGIC REASON TO FIGHT HERE]. Our fight somehow influences who controls the local resource
  2. I know a long time ago I proposed switching to a model where we earned XP per ship rather than ranking up. This would allow a new player to jump right into a Surprise (assuming he could afford one or, more likely, a clanmate gave him one) and be competitive immediately. Well..... you did add ship XP but you added it overtop of existing rank XP which meant veterans had to spend time grinding XP again and new players basically have two grinds: one to rank up and potentially a second one to get the ships they want unlocked to the point they desire. Really I'm not convinced we need XP at
  3. The game gives us too few objectives to really fight over on a consistent basis. The one objective we do have -- port battles -- are actually TOO organized. The nature of them encourages 25 of the most expensive ships, ideally manned by only the largest and most experienced clans, to duke it out but only every few days, tops. This is content that most players found themselves cut off from. So most people never do get to have a real fight in NA where it matters who wins, apart from their own personal risk. This is why you see a lot of PvP games have distinct, minute-by-minute goa
  4. I don't see why that should be surprising. The one thing this game has always struggled with is a way to make people care about port ownership. With smuggler flags and alts, the ONLY value a port really has is as a teleport base. Need common shipbuilding materials? Home counties have the critical things you need like fir and iron. Need rare wood? Smuggler flag. Or an alt if you need to bid on it. Need saltpeter or other less common things? Alts. Pirates took Georgetown and don't use it. Literally has no value for them. From what I can see they don't even teleport to it. Why bothe
  5. Just for the record, the French clans all agreed we just don't care about port ownership anymore. We've all been living out of free ports anyway so while we could grind up all the Danish ports into contention for "Night Flip War 2: Revenge of Night Flip War" we just don't see the point. The real key to what's going on is the ship sink channel. We continue to ravage Danish and Pirate shipping -- mainly Danes as the pirates seem to have wandered off somewhere and left their allies for the wolves (French wolves).
  6. Do advise us, oh annointed one. And it made me rich in record time. I am pretty curious what you think is more profitable than trade goods, though. I guess everyone else in the game is doing it wrong. You should write a guide.
  7. I don't, but not for the reason you state. I actually think piracy in the right area could be the best income in the game right now. What holds ME back is that I am also an RvR player who needs to help with contention grinding and port flips. I can't really commit my time to build a pirate outpost in distant lands and live there for 3 days, with home waters (and therefore relevant homeland RvR activities) being a 3 hour sail away. If I was a pure pirate I would absolutely already be out there, penetrating deeply into the enemy's most sensitive areas. Their poop deck would
  8. Actually you should be happy when that happens. You wanted to sell 20 guns at 2000 each. It worked! You sold out. Who cares what happens to them? You got the price you asked for and should be happy. Make 20 more guns and mark them up a bit. Keep doing this until you stop selling out. You will eventually reach a price point where demand slows down, the other guy isn't profiting by buying you out and now he's stuck with a load of guns he can't sell because you're still producing and incidentally undercutting him. He will have a hard time ever getting out from under his stockpile
  9. PvPers should be happier than anyone! Well, maybe not duelists but "PvPer" in the sense of people [like me] who just want to go out and wreck people and take their stuff. I was driving around last night doing trading and thinking what an opportunity was being missed. Nobody at all hunting the waters. I guess part of it is that it's still too early. Everyone is still getting situated. PvP like this is a commitment. With Fleet perks 1 & 2, you could make 2x Renoms (or whatever you like), 1x fir/fir Lynx, load up with repairs, sail to enemy territory, go to their free port and set u
  10. Yes, at least on PvP servers, because traders are risking so much more than grinders. Grinding is pretty safe, easy, guaranteed income that you can do in one spot that you have identified as being pretty secure. You often can do this in large groups, increasing security even further. The downside of grinding for cash, therefore, is that it's just not as good gold-per-hour as trading. I do think that NPC traders could stand to be bumped up on their average load, though. Right now I do not find them all that interesting. The work to reward ratio never seems worth it. Maybe I've
  11. Hence, this guide, actually. It shouldn't be skewed by a very few players. Actually the reason those few players got so rich so fast is because there was no competition. Ports generate a certain amount of trade goods and if literally 5 people are using them then those 5 people will have money coming out of their ears within three days which is pretty much what happened. But if, say, 100 people are online at any moment of the day all doing this then the money payout thins out. It's harder to load up 4 million in trade goods because not that much is sitting around in one spot. It's get
  12. Enough people are having economic problems, and it took me a few days to get a leg up on it too, that I figured a small guide might be in order. This is not a complete guide but rather, an intro to the basic idea. If you want fast (single login session) money (and ignoring PvP for the moment), you can: * Kill enemy NPCs for basic PvE income. * Open sea trading. The first is a flat form of income. You can expect X gold per hour based on what you are doing and how fast you're doing it. The second is a multiplier on your existing cash. This is important and this is what this
  13. Problem with turn-based: I board your 1st rate just to delay it. I can't win. I'm going to let my turn timer go to 0 every time I can, just to make you spend more time in boarding. I think real-time might be best, RTS style: units are vaguely intelligent and will operate on their own if you aren't telling them what to do, but you can command them to take specific actions. A reasonably slow paced RTS style system seems like it would be more fun and less subject to abuse. (And I'd say most RTS games are not ping dependent. Blizzard games usually are because they are click spamfests and
  14. I like [admin's] solution #1. For problem #2 I propose this: When a port battle starts (you can click to enter), it puts a ring up around it, which you can see. If you log into the ring you must exit the ring and then turn around and sail back to the port before you can click in. (If you log in anywhere outside of the ring then it's fine. Sail to port and click in.) Ring size is roughly "line of sight" range from the port. So basically if you pop into view of anyone sitting at the port, you will be too close. You don't have to sail to a friendly port and back but you must leave
  15. My only real concern is wondering if new players will find this game acceptable, in regards to the time it takes them to become a worthy contender in the PvP/RvR game. I wonder if we shouldn't start new players out at 5th rate rank, at least (or arrange it so that they tend to get there in 4 hours of gameplay, which is plenty for an intro). After all this time I'm still not convinced that "vertical leveling" does more good than harm. Basically I know that if I invite any new people to this game, I'm going to spend the first 40 hours of their game play reassuring them that "it gets a lot m
  16. Very nice. Hope to see more of this sort of thing.
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