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  1. Excellent news all round and like most of the comments so far.
  2. frankling

    Christmas Truce - PvP 1

    Its only natural that the pirates do not respect peace terms as nation's did. Some good battles were had around KPR this Christmas, many new players joined in too. Happy New year folks.
  3. Happy new year one and all.
  4. Ok been in the game as Foxcroft for two and a half months. Really enjoying the experience in my basic Surprise. Had my first battle in the Admiralty games. Was fun running around trying to find players for combat,met some French and did battle, that finished we had contact with some Danes, battle commenced, At this stage i should have pulled out being in rank only Master and Commander, with some crew down, ship still in a good condition I continued to the third battle, this turned out to be Pirates. Out numbered and with some large two Decker's we came to battle, because of the number of ships involved it became very crowded, and I struck a Pirate two Decker and broke my bowsprit.with the help of a fellow player I got free. Then it was I decided I had to get out and repair or to Davy Jone's locker I would go. Had a running fight with a lighter Pirate frigate and found we both were stuck against the wind, with Bowsprit missing found it very difficult to turn back into the wind, all this time I was being pounded by pirate ships. What was so funny at the time was this little Pirate cutter(Capt Slim), being in dire straits by this time,Capt Slim realised I had no stern cannon. By this time I was sinking, The thought that went through my mind while he was firing his 4 or 6 Pdrs at my stern, was that the poor fella was down on his luck and needed the Gold and XP. Then watched the battle for a bit and came out of the game. What struck me as funny was that I landed in La Navasse, which was not one of my ports and had to get a cutter to get home again. Great time I had, would not have missed for the world, not sure on the out come, but hope that all enjoyed as much as me. Good day Gentlemen.
  5. frankling

    Response to a review

    Well said sir, i to understand the mech of the game and one day when game is out those who are really interested in sailing will too. Having got to the dizzy hight's of Master and Commander,( Under the name foxscroft) in game I understand now what the Devs are trying to do, I congratulate them on what will be a fantastic sailing/battling game. Good day Gentlemen.
  6. Well once the game comes out and finished, there should be a training area for those just starting, basic and some incentive to continue with the next stage of the game. Remember this is still a Beta game. I am sure the Developers of this game will come up with a training zone for starter members,( never did like the word rookie,recruit maybe). Good day Gentlemen.
  7. All sounds good thinking on the Rookie side of things. Maybe this will come out in the main finished game. At the moment its just fun as far as I am concerned. Thank you Sir Llewellyn Jones RN for explaining the auto manual sequence. The T power I know from one of the video's. Makes sense now. Good Day Gentlemen.
  8. Thank you very much for that advise and the video, I have seen that one and its very comprehensive. But its how to get the Q-E-A-D-Z-C in the first place, I am set at auto. The A and D key;s I am using to turn at the mo. W and S for raising/lower sails. But its how to get out and do manual that I am having problems with. Also how to revert back to auto.
  9. At the moment Lonar matey I have no Idea how to go manual. Von Steubens Idea of a tutorial is a good one when the game comes out proper. Not every one has a mate who can show him the ropes. I have found when testing games there's no problem with not having a tutorial, because your learning the ropes from the start and advising on the way the game plays etc. But also now adding players who were not in at the start, not testing, will In my view put off the general public who want to play this game. I have been in this game a week and Like this Global chat fella had to ask at sea someone to help, mounting new cannon to his larger ship, and not knowing that cannon have diff ship rates . I do know about cannon and you don't put a 32 Pdr on a 6th rate ship, so when purchasing cannon, check its ship rating before you buy, re-selling it again can cost you dear. Good Day Gentlemen.
  10. Well into the game now and earning gold. Up graded to 2Lt and having a ball. Two things I found so far:1- is that when in battle(have noticed this on Video's too) that you sometimes stall against the wind and cannot get out of it unless sometimes you quit the game and come back in again' or quit all together which is a shame. But not all the time.(Have used F!! and reported this). 2- It would be a good Idea to have a compass,N,S,E,W on the map for those no sea men.'Yes I know that top of map Is North'.
  11. frankling

    Response to a review

    The way I read it is players testing get ships that us outer players do not. So as to test them for the main game. What is wrong with that. Once the game is in full swing all will get the ships that are in the game. If I have this wrong, then I will be taken out and shot. Good day Gentlemen.
  12. Well having just started the game(one day). Left a free town and headed north,found a Spanish port that would not accept me(being British) I pressed M and found I was way off my station, so it was a case of setting off to find a Free or British port, Had no money so tried fishing on the way. Got salt and fish,found a Brit port and entered. All this time I was learning how to sail in a computer game. Thanks to the tutorial video's(Jeheil,OlavDeng2 and SruPL for the key sequence and game play. In port I changed the fish to fish meat. But could not sell this anywhere, so left it in port to rot or disappear. Started my first battle and got sunk,(learnt how to use my cannon)Then worked out where I was by using the compass. Decided to head back to the start point and found my self at Port Royal. I thought I would go back to the first Free Town again. My question:- Is that right in the game.=, plus what is the use of the fish meat, salt if you cannot sell some and make some gold. Good day Gentlemen
  13. frankling

    Hotfix 3 for patch 9.96

    I have always thought that the testers should be on a different plane than non testers. But understand the logic to get as many up and running the game. Lets hope it works now its been decided to let the testers do the testing.
  14. Well we have been warned, so lets see how it pans out with the fix.