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  1. you need more context on what? he showed you 2 types proof to counteract what you were saying. Showing you the fact that admin has said twice, outlaw battles will never be back
  2. Lets have a looksee at Naval Action Legends

    i noticed the ingermanland was not in the list in the video, this is upsetting, any reason as to why?
  3. Gold Item Drops

    Nah the drop rate is good atm, the market should not be flooded with gold upgrades, especially not from shipwrecks. The gold upgrades should be rare and expensive, they shouldnt be a thing that you lose and replace instantly, you should have to think about taking them on a ship, in case you lose them.
  4. A mystery update?

    Ive heard of one drop from PVP after an enemy player surrendered
  5. Patch 9.94 - Alliances, New ships, New features.

    That is the biggest amount of crap ive heard, ive been pvping since the 'sociable' perk came out, not once have i faced an issue with it where it makes 'PVP broken' but i do agree with the boarding, the morale was fine before the update but now it seems screwed up agian