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  1. The Admin pretty much covered it, the reason for the acceleration etc, is the time difference between NA and Real world, NA takes seconds/minutes to turn yards/set sails, whereas quoted from Admin "Realistic sail setting time is 45 mins. Realistic yard turning is 10 mins." so with that the acceleration etc is pretty much a scaled up version of the real thing
  2. Speed CAP

    Would be the same as most things, everyone would love it... until it does not play in their favour
  3. Devs fix the demasting

    yeah and my 2nd and horrible fir fir wasa
  4. Devs fix the demasting

    Nah not that one, i aint Donner in SORRY, right nation though
  5. Devs fix the demasting

    it was a fun duel, we both lost masts, we both lost crew and we were both rusty in our ships
  6. Devs fix the demasting

    im not giving it out, im keeping my forum name separate from my ingame name, hence why they are different in the first place
  7. Devs fix the demasting

    i dont mean that just because he demasted me and beat me it is OP. im not an average player, i have been around a while and can hold my own, i beat Liq 1v1, i fought 1v4 against the prussians the other night and came out alive, killing one and forcing the other 3 to run, ive won more pvp than ive lost i'd say. But when i take the precautions to prevent demasting such as elite french, and presumably i had winged ballast on (i normally do but i cant remember if on this specific occasion i did) in a 2nd rate vs a 4th rate(3rd whatever) and he can pretty much end the fight in 8 minutes, there is something wrong with the system or with the mechanic that needs tweaked, but i see we agree on that it needs tweaked and balanced
  8. Devs fix the demasting

    yes but there is a difference between being bested in a straight up decent fight, and been beaten by someone who calls themselfs an 'elite' just because they have learned a bullshit (currently op) way they can abuse to win, that you cannot stop, it takes out the whole fun of the GAME. i know many who have stopped playing due to it, many who want to stop playing, and new players that havent even lasted a week because of it. the game will never grow while things like this exist
  9. Devs fix the demasting

    you seem to be assuming that im a pve player and dont do a lot of pvp, you assume wrong. people are deluded, 'average players' dont see the point in engaging in pvp, because you get the 'elite bunch' who use shit means, demast you within 10 mins, make the full effect of fighting pointless then just circle out of your gun cone, while you have no manouverability. but you enjoy, you can be passionate about your game when it has an average online population of 20, plenty of pvp for you then
  10. Devs fix the demasting

    no it shouldnt completely be removed, but its very harmful and ruinous to the game (ya know, those things that are meant to be fun, and dont sell very well if they are not) when it makes even trying to fight pointless within 10 minutes of the battle starting, even when you have taken the precautions that are meant to stop these 'elite skills' from being so prevalent. hmm that wasnt worded very well, i didnt mean the 'elites' have suggested features that the devs have implemented. it was simply meant as it reads, and the fact that for round about what 3 years now? these forums have been full of advice, criticisms, requests for features, that the devs have pretty much wiped off the forums/decided to ignore, or some cancerous elite comes along and tells a new player that such and such should never be added they just need to 'git gud' If it keeps going that way, the game will never make it, and in that case it deserves it. And thats from me and i used to, and still do at points, love the game, have around 800 hours on it over 2.5/3 years, one of my most played on steam, very rarely a game keeps my attention.
  11. Devs fix the demasting

    it used to be a good game, until the 'elites' have ruined it with their 'git gud' attitude and the devs listening to them and ignoring all common sense to having a popular game
  12. Devs fix the demasting

    Elite french is that useless? xD hmm, i know on my end i should not have any lag or desynch, constant 20 ping, although i suppose the server could desynch or lag a little causing shots not to register etc, and visual bugs would always be there and impossible to tell apart. im pretty sure i counted all the balls that hit my masts (i normally do so i can prepare for when they come down) i normally record a few of my battles, but this one wasnt on my pc so i didnt record it unfortunately. Nah the battle was over within 10 minutes or something from start to me exploding, 2 masts were gone around 6 i think.
  13. Devs fix the demasting

    holy actual hello kitty, how hard is it, are you actually this stupid? read the damn thread! i am not arguing that elite french has no effect, ***HACHI*** READ THIS BIT*** IMPORTANT INFO**** i have already agreed (if you would hello kittying read), when tommy brought out numbers, that yes, elite french SHOULD have stopped him taking my masts in 15 shots, but however, for whatever reason it DID NOT have any effect, as stated above, im not sure whether it was a bug/glitch or just the fact that the elite french had been crafted ages ago and maybe for whatever odd reason it was a broken one. ***HACHI*** READ THIS BIT*** IMPORTANT INFO**** i didnt, never said i did, you really need to work on your reading skills man, i got his hull down in about 3 minutes with 3 broadsides, just a little bit over what it took for him to take my Front mast down, he then switched to the other side of me (his strong side) and single shotted my main mast in another 2/3 minutes, as i single shotted his forward mast, then maybe 5/6 in his main mast, with charged shot from my 42 longs, but for whatever reason, his mast stayed standing, he then set me on fire, i exploded, denying the ship. i Cant remember the name, think he was either Prussian or dutch, didnt pay to much attention. also as you seem to be struggling with the reading part, ive highlighted the important info that has already been discussed in this thread that you seem to have missed
  14. Devs fix the demasting

    In that case your guess is wrong, i counted the single shots, it was 15 in total. If you could read the posts on this thread you would actually see, i had elite french but yet the problem was 15 shots was still 2 masts. Also no, we didnt have a demasting battle, i hit his hull with 2 or 3 broadsides, took him all the way down on one side, but as soon as he got my front mast down, after 2/3 mins, in the battle, it was pointless. and no, it was wasa single shotting my masts, and connie chaining me. you can keep your tip, it is pointless and unrelevant. and it was long 42's on his hull after 1/2 broadsides of chain. but when i was on fire, i hit his masts with single charged shot from my 42's fair amount of shots, his masts stayed standing
  15. Devs fix the demasting

    Hachi, in game i normally respect you as a player, but here you must be to stupid to read, let me break it down for you in simple words... Pavel (me) v Wasa (him) 15 Single shots i lost 2 FULL (Bottom Section and all) masts (ForeMast + MainMast) I also had Elite French Equipped on the Pavel, so no way should 15 shots have taken those 2 masts within 4/5 minutes of the battle. This 'Its skill you just have to git gud' bullshit is just a way for people who know how to abuse something to their advantage, to continue doing so, which in turn ruins the game for others, and has probably already and will continue to do so, drive many players from the game ending in its inevitable death. from players like you, the 'elite'