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  1. well tbh it doesnt matter how much trading/pve/pvp you do to get them, the whole definition of this being a game, is that the ships are infact 'only pixels' How you choose to spend your time to get them, does not change them from being just that
  2. I believe the point he is trying to make is "Shit happens, stuff becomes useless, make the best out of it instead of crying about it" He isnt saying he doesnt care about his ships, he is saying that he is making a use out of the ones no longer considered 'useful'
  3. @admin Literally all you have to do is Lower Locust Speed about 2% and Lower its turn rate a little. Put Locust/WO in line with LO/WO. Locust for those that prefer thickness ships, LO for those who prefer HP. Dont do any Crazy or stupid Nerfs that would then make it obsolete again
  4. @admin or @Ink May i ask a question? Earlier this afternoon, REDS shared a screenshot of None of my clan see this though and instead we see Can it be confirmed which will appear? and if its a bug that we are not seeing them?
  5. Cag and Cag (S) are Locust and Locust (S)
  6. @Redman29 By looking at the table, it looks like it may be changing so that all woods are available as Planking and Frame, since all the woods have stats for both planking and frame?
  7. @admin Can you confirm is there a Weight limit for the flag? and if not, can you for the sweet love of baby jesus add in the Patrol Zone circle to the Flag battles? Dont want Requins running upwind with the flag for 30 mins. Also while we are at it, Can we get some form of system in a PB where you need to actually be able to contest a circle (Preferably with BR) to get/stop point generation, no more bullshit requins sitting on the edge when 2 bucs are in the circle
  8. @admin So our 40-50$ DLC ship for supporting the game is the hello kittying Trinco? What a load of shit that is. Not only is its 'DLC Value' practically nothing with the ratt, leopard and redout and victory all being better DLC's, but you have essentially just ruined the crafting of trinco's and most other 5th rates and the selling of them as well. Who ever advises you these are good decisions, hello kittying fire them 😂 This is even more of a slap in the face than the fact you actually removed the Hermione and made it a DLC. On further reading, it actually sounds like you have done exactly this with the trinco. Although actually for buying the cheaper version of the game, you have just removed the Trinco from people, which is a valuable ship in the leveling process. Dick move on your part @admin
  9. you should probably stop believing what GB players tell you. you believe we paid them 100k S wood and 200K dubs. Gullible Spaniards comes to mind
  10. The Yacht is a bonus for players who played before the game was available on steam (sea trials) So i highly doubt it will ever be a DLC and tbh, if it was it may be unfair to some of those who got it due to paying for the game before steam, some who potentially bought in because of the extra 'bonus ship' As for the gunboat its just a fun ship really, Easily obtainable out of gold chests
  11. The Safezone privateer fleets. I understand why they are there, and i like them there. But they should not be going super speed, its just ridiculous AND nor should they be tagging traders
  12. people need to stop judging features before they are even implemented. Yes it may be mostly a PVE feature, but it will create pvp with it, And as it has been proven many times in the past, Creating a solely pvp event to try and force people into pvp doesnt work, and has repeatedly failed. Look for instance at most patrol zones, you can go into that and find a fleet of 10 russians clubbing anyone they come across, so a lot of players dont even use the zone anymore. You all complain of lack of new content, but when new content gets added and you all bitch and moan about it without even giving it a chance.. What @admin said is correct, if you want to go pvp, then go pvp. If you want to own a port to build your pvp ships out of, then defend the port or befriend a clan that can defend the port. Cant be expected to hold a valuable port and have no consequences.
  13. Callaghan92

    Hotfix notes?

    @admin @Ink You seem to forget we are no longer 'testers' since you released the game from Early access, its not difficult to keep us in the loop with patches and hotfixes. Like the hotfix this morning for example, no one knows what it was for?
  14. im with @King of Crowns on this one @admin @Ink Either Implement storms fully (in battle as well like we used to have) or Remove them completely, none of this halfway shit please
  15. There definitely should be XP awarded for crafting guns/reps/mods. Since we need our LH to withdraw resources from our buildings, but the only way to be able to get more LH currently is by building a shipyard (large investment) and levelling up crafting.
  16. Admin/Ink, It would be wonderful if we could actually get some patch notes as to what you are changing!
  17. The AI are not difficult, the hp buff and damage buff is good! the issue with them atm is the 90 Degree angle they can shoot both broadsides at, but glad thats being fixed!
  18. People need to realise though, and i believe admin even said it when it was added. The first 4 missions are the tutorial, the challenges are harder and are meant for those players who have completed the tutorial and got a little gametime experience in. The final exam is then meant for players who have completed both the tutorial, challenges and got in a fair bit more gametime.
  19. So what your saying is that the russians will be the only people who are able to craft ships like this after you make your update? Because your making the decision to allow them to keep the already made investments, so once again you will be making people not want to fight in case they come up against one of these ships? Yet another mistake from admin
  20. When will more Paints be added to the DLC? the choice of paints we have at the moment tbh is pretty pitiful.
  21. Russians are Using pirate Hostility missions to grind up hostility for Santiago De Cuba. this is a clear exploit and use of a loophole to break and get around the Frontline system. This needs fixed ASAP, and the hostility/port battle on Santiago De Cuba needs cancelled or reverted. P.s im not a Brit player
  22. Within 6 hours of the map reset, there was 26 port battles set. They were all used
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