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  1. jnovotny6

    There is NO such thing as GANKING

    Crow, which ship do you use for your solo hunting? Endy?
  2. jnovotny6

    USS Constitution

    If not conny which ship would you guys consider best for solo OW pvp? Endy? Sur?
  3. jnovotny6

    Open world hunting

    Assuming your number is correct, 4 mil over 3 years is not a lot of money in the field of game design, split up among the team, huge chunk going back into the game, you do the math.
  4. jnovotny6

    Open world hunting

    I for one wouldnt mind paying $8-10/mo for this game. Or monetize some parts of it, paints, special ships, etc .Most of these problems could be solved by expanding the dev team, more and better content could be added quicker, Im not even sure how they survive on $40 one time fee, we are lucky we have the game we have . I know Im not the only one who feels that way and devs should consider this.
  5. jnovotny6

    which ship?

    just tested her speed in combat, 13.9 knots, not bad....
  6. jnovotny6

    which ship?

    sorry for the smart answer, didnt know snow was the thing.....
  7. jnovotny6

    which ship?

    ok, tnx, will ponder that
  8. jnovotny6

    which ship?

    ummm, no
  9. jnovotny6

    which ship?

    So I finally made the move from PvE to PvP and Im wondering which ship is considered better for OW lone wolf hunting: Endy or Surprise? Endy in minutely slower but a lot more powerful Sur more nimble but weaker. Any input greatly appreciated. So far Im broke, my Merc got caught in OW by Surprise, put up a half hour fight alas to no avail, se
  10. jnovotny6

    Future wipes

    It is recommended to wipe front to back. When in doubt use moist towelettes .......
  11. jnovotny6

    Upcoming Patch

    found a picture of Diana on Russian site
  12. jnovotny6


    ahh yes, tnx
  13. jnovotny6


    Just wondering what people use to upload long videos on here, it says only 8. 35 MB can be attached....
  14. My thought exactly, I play on PVE and dont really care about mods because against AI they largely make no difference. They may help with boarding, some. AI needs to get better, at least shoot at masts and sails.