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  1. PYR

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    Such… WO UWS and Blanc are great players…. but their success rate is far bellow when PBs are not during night times… Night PBs...that is exactly the style of gameplay that would suit helpless brits.
  2. PYR

    Deep Portbattles and Small ships

    Well i think it is good that the PB mechanic allows sometime some smart tactics (or Lucky one) to be rewarded by the Victory of the contest and that Victory is not automatically granted to the strongest….. Else we better play cards and the one with the best hand will automatically win… Some variety in ship choices and tactic is good in my opinion.
  3. PYR

    Deep Portbattles and Small ships

    Win the batle and win the port are two different things. The defense has not the task to win the battle but do what it have to do to not loose the port. In that logic, the Prussian were successfull. They knew that they did not have the more skilled capitain but choosed the right tactic to not loose the port. The Russian side were more skilled but less smart on how to win the port. So well done Prussia!
  4. PYR

    Forts still shoot green on green

    It is a matter of fact that fort are much helping ennemies that their national ships; They give a false sens of security and if the ennemi boat come close to you the fort will kill you first as the ennemi has often a better boat. So forts are useless and better to not count on them
  5. PYR

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    Well how long you are gonna play this game with 500 players max? I thing we will be better with a stronger player base, with RVR round the clock for every nations and a well employed mape, and finally happier devs, creating more new boats and great game contents!
  6. PYR

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    I dont think that most of the kills in pvp are from 1 or 2 rates. Most of the kills are from small boats or 5/4 rates hunting small boats. The use of Sols in RVR is ok imo, because it is war between nations that engage their big fleets. So i dont see any problems with Sols actually It would nice if devs could provide some statistiques on the number of kills per Week per ship types: unrated ships kill x / 6 rate kill xx… etc
  7. PYR

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    Rare Sold cannot work because big clans/nations still can manage to get many and this increase the différences with smaller calans.nations that then struggle even more to be able to simply exist. So this is a wrong good idea that has already been tested Rare Sols*
  8. I know that damages due to collision were removed because of abuse of kamikaze attitude of some… But it is totally unrealistic that a large ship be taken of by a small boats. a 6 rate or lover ship turning around and Killing the crew of ship of the line, is totally aberrant. Any 6 or even 5 rate ship entering in collision with a sol would have sunk on the spot or be so damaged that he could not do much after the encounter. Some kind of ship damage due to collision should be re-implemented, in my opinion.
  9. I am not such that adding content needs a lot of money. Some event like Trafalgar during the early stage of the game was very popular, easy to reimplement. Make crafting ship not uterly simplist to have some trade of ship parts is not taking an enormous amount of money, and i am sure that creating some ai tresur fleets crossing the map then and now would not be too difficult, as well. Idem for reintroducing the flag system not for taking ports but for raiding them should not be that difficult as well...
  10. I agree that it is wrong to simplify crafting so much and make ship parts a tradable object was good for the content of the game It is untrue that merchant stay in safe zone anyway… to make profit with goods/commodities you have to exit safe zones. So all this crap about merchant staying in safe zone is a lie. Now concerning the way some people like to play (solo or in a clan, privater or merchant), I wounder what makes you so exceptional (and others like you) to make a judgement on what people like or not. What is your real lifre achievment that would give you such an authority??? So stop the lessons of morality about what others do or dont. We dont care about it. Finally is trolling compatible with what is written Under the small picture in the left column? I Wonder...
  11. Apparently we wont have an answer..
  12. Hello. when the wipe will be? I have stoped all crafting of material for weeks now and it would be nice to know when this will happen, please:)
  13. Of course they are… and to my opinion not enough. Trade should be the main way of getting money, then trader would be outmost important and then worth being protected/attacked
  14. I don't agree…. the role of merchant as you see it is to serve as a lamb to be eaten by woolf…. but playing as a lamb is no fun, so they will ultimatly leave the game because of lack of fun. This is the Reason why people stay in so called safe zone, not because of confort. It is or safe zone or no player…; You choose
  15. from i have seen up to now (just 10mn) 2 things i love: the scenic view in the open world and be able to pass stuff from boat to boat either in our fleet or with others. One thing i could see changed is the too modern looking compass. Else i like it!